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Welcome back to my blog! Each episode, I will be showing you my perspective of one of our wonderful locations here in the Wizarding World. For today’s adventure, I decided to venture over to the beautiful Magical Menagerie in Diagon Alley! Let’s head there now.

The first thing that hit me when I pushed open the glass door was the sound of all of the animals. A smile came upon my face as I heard the meows and barks around me. A small husky who was out of his cage meeting a customer ran up to me, licking my hand. Giggling, I patted his head.
“I can’t afford you!” I whispered to the dog. “Sorry, bud!”
He ran back over to the man that was planning to adopt him.

Puppies gif

I looked around the shop. The tan walls had pictures of paw prints colored in black, and the employees that were walking around had cheery smiles on their faces and red aprons tied around their backs. I gave one a wave of greeting and waved back.

A loud noise hit my ears, and I looked over to see multi-colored fwoopers flying around above their wooden perch. I grinned, walking over to them. I knew I could never care for one effectively, however, no matter how much I wanted to buy it.

I reluctantly dragged myself away from the fwoopers, feeling a cat brush my leg as I walked by. After scratching him on the ears, I walked over to the turtle container. I almost squealed as one looked up at me as she gnawed on a strawberry. I quickly checked my walled and:
I had enough.

Turtle eating a strawberry

I ran over to the wall that was filled with all sorts of pet food and picked out some strawberries and universal pet food. I then dashed up to the counter, grabbed the tortoise out of her cage, and looked up at the worker.

She smiled knowingly. “Nobody comes in here without buying something, the pets are irresistible!”

I walked out of the store that day with a turtle in hand and a bag on my shoulder, feeling much happier than when I had left Knockturn Alley.


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