Your Bi-Weekly Horoscope



Wanna know how your week is going to be? If you are going to get in a fight with someone or find the love of your life? Are you going to manage to do everything you want to or will you mess up everything?


Our best astrologers worked very hard in order to give you the best and the most accurate Horoscope on the Earth(or at least that's what they told me), so you will get your answers. Now you only have to check the horoscope and in order to find them!




19 February – 21 March


A feeling of a new beginning arises from a lack of clarity. This is also helped by the position of a person who now becomes more obvious. You can see that there are opportunities but patience is recommended before choosing something concrete. There is still a need to let the universe set things up as it is best. Maybe things are moving slower than you would like, but if you have faith in your steps, everything you choose will be good for the future. Take your time, spend moments in companies and activities that make you feel good and do not force the circumstances. You have to follow an inner journey in your heart to see what it has to say to you.



21 March – 20 April


You will be guaranteed success if you have more confidence in your own strengths. The beginning of the week brings information that can change until the end of it, and the only real thing you can rely on now is yourself. Turn to yourself, meditate, dream, idealize and allow the mind to fly. You will get the highest personal speed when you slow down the outer rhythm so that you can look inside yourself, the only place where you find the answers you are looking for. Retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, look back at your own person and think about yourself leisurely. It really is a good time to reorganize your life. The end of the week brings you well-being and funny situations.



20 April – 21 May


You should feel confident that you have a balanced approach to the actions you take, leading to a stable way to build while you want to. Many of these come from the fact that you know what your priorities are. You also have to rethink personal finances now, as part of this process of priorities for the future. You can do incredible things from unusual sources these days. Think as nonconformist as possible and move on to options that others simply ignore. You need new people and completely different life plans. You will avoid contradictory discussions, but during the week they will inevitably arise. The end of the week is suitable for rest away from the daily hustle and bustle.



21 May – 21 June


Think twice before spending money. Think twice in front of anything that appears suddenly and unexpectedly. If you find something you've been waiting for for a while, that's something else. You can get an answer for an aspect you have been thinking about for a long time or you can reach a point where you can clearly see what decision to make. Pay attention to communication this week because some obstacles may arise. But, no matter how much you want to communicate easily with someone, it is more and more important to respect and support your own borders and to have moments of loneliness in which to get the inspiration necessary for success. The weekend announces dialogues and meetings with friends.



21 June – 23 July


You should not neglect the opportunities that are presented to you and that offer you moments of pleasure. However, you should not let them interfere with the work you have to do. Your creativity flourishes and the more you try and learn more, the greater the rewards for your effort. Although you may sometimes feel alone in your endeavors, be sure that you are on the right track as long as you work for your ideal in life and feel joy. Be careful if you have to make decisions or speak in public, because the mind is overworked and tired. At the end of the week there are meetings with important people.



23 July – 23 August


You may be under pressure to establish something that is more convenient for others and less for you. It could include family and you probably can't do anything different without getting into conflict. Given the situation, put your pleasant ideas into practice, so that you also have pleasant moments, not just others. But it is ideal to be able to separate yourself from the demands and opinions of others and to find in yourself that motivation to free yourself and listen to your inner demands. You don't have to be afraid of your movements as long as they generate good feelings. On weekends there are trips, but also the desire to refine your soul with cultural activities.



23 August – 23 September


Without self-respect and a good self-image you may feel confused if someone around you tries to make decisions on your behalf when you should be the person to make them. Don't allow intrusions into your emotional world and decision-making process, no matter how slow or hesitant you may be from the point of view of others. Take all the time in the world, even if things around you move fast and you have to think fast. Periodically separate from the world, spend time alone and your body will tell you what the next move will be. The weekend is suitable for checking the financial situation and common expenses with others.



23 September – 23 October


Although you do not want to stand in the way of anyone these days, some things in relationships have become difficult and you need to remind those in front of you what mistakes they have made. It doesn't make sense to keep looking for others and to clean everything they should clean and solve on their own. Make sure you get rewarded for what you do and that your personal worth does not depend on the opinions of others about you. There is plenty of room for your success and personal growth, provided that self-respect and self-worth are placed where they deserve to be. The end of the week brings new friends, enlightening dialogues and joint activities with others.



23 October – 22 November


You have the opportunity to have a lot of fun, as you will be encouraged by someone else but it can interfere with more serious things that you have to deal with. This may remind you of a similar situation in the past. As long as you don't affect the important things you have to deal with, you really should find a way to reconcile both. It is important to remember not to let others define your steps and choices. Express your true personality as it is. You don't lose anything if you are yourself, and if you still lose, it means that there was nothing authentic. On the other hand, hobbies will also enter your sphere of interest. The end of the week brings routine chores.



23 November – 22 December


There is a need for a reorientation of personal goals and a drastic cleanliness among the people you trust. Even if your options are further away from the doors that are open now, you will still take concrete steps towards them. Don't focus on the distant future, but live the moment and enjoy the actions done now. You don't have to make sacrifices if you can't enjoy life. Relieves pressure. When needed, work alone and spend a lot of time contemplating which options make you feel better. You will find that a loved one is more interested than usual in your health and how you are doing. He may want to be more than just a friend to you. The weekend outlines fun and adventure.



22 December – 20 January


You may feel disappointed with the way some people relate and you may struggle between emotional and rational choices. Avoid contradictions and strive to resolve any conflict. It is the right time to listen to your heart instead of looking smart in the face of strange and inexplicable circumstances. And a little loneliness will do you good, but with the right company everything will settle down. Surround yourself with loved ones so you can share the right words with love and gentleness. The weekend brings you home with family members and relatives.



20 January – 19 February


An opportunity will appear that will allow you to clean up something from the past. It may involve a friend. This will allow you to focus better on long-term goals with more certainty, especially if they are important priorities in this process. Don't be afraid to insist that someone else take their share of responsibilities. It is time for sincere and modest actions that will bring you the most productive and obvious results. Do not waste time in conversations and quarrels that do not lead to mutual understanding. It is important to stand firmly on the ground and do what feels good for your heart, so that you do not stand alone in your way.





Remember, even if the stars weren't very nice, you can still have a great week and show them they were wrong!



It's March! Oh, I love spring! It is so warm and sunny and beautiful! Just like all of you <3 Take care, my dears! I hope you feel as happy as I am for the start of that beautiful season!



See you soon, cupcakes!

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