You've Got Owl 1.2

by Isla Brisbane

Welcome to You’ve Got Owl! My name is Isla Brisbane and this will be a weekly blog post filled with a little mystery and a game that you can participate in! So, of course, according to the title, it means you got something sent for you. However, before you run to your owl, let me set the mood first, alright? Here comes the RPG part!

Anyway, if you missed the article from last week, which is Edition 1.1, feel free to take a look at it HERE!
This month, you, {%FULLNAME%}, are still in the "Postcard Exchange Program for Young Wizards" program. It has been proven to be joyful so far, especially since for the last few weeks, you have been getting a LOT of postcards from all over the world. There are one postcard from a student of Ilvermorny and a student of Uagadou, there are also postcards from countries that you have no idea what the magic school is. Reading all these postcards has been a blast. Oh, don't forget that you also got another name to send a postcard to! This time, you had to send your postcard to Brazil. Oooh, Castelbruxo here you come! Oh, your postcard, not you.

That day, your owl came a little early. Instead of visiting you in the Great Hall, it came directly to your bedroom while you were preparing for the day. Of course, it brought another postcard for you from ... ah, Indonesia! The second Indonesian postcard you got! But wait, why does this postcard have strange markings again...?

OOG: Hover over the picture to read the message. There is only ONE WORD in this writing.
Hello, {%FIRSTNAME%}!
Greetings from Indonesia! I'm Andi and I live in a city called Malang, East Java. That's why I sent you this postcard, actually. It's from Bromo Mountains that aren't too far from my home. It's a bunch of volcano, but when it's not active, it's very pretty and you can even visit it. There's a muggle tour (I'm sure your word for non-wizard is "muggle") that you can take, even as a wizard as long as you don't reveal yourself, to travel around the national park and see the mountains very closely. I think it's great.

The Owlery - Hogwarts
Highlands, Scotland

Alright! After reading this postcard, you must have realized that there are some different letters written there, no? So those letters will form some words! Gather these words from the previous edition, the current edition, and the next edition, and after you find all the words, find one thing from the Harry Potter Universe that is related to these words! For example, if the hidden words are steal, shiny, beast, cute, gold, then the final answer would be Niffler!

Send ONLY the final answer through owl to Isla Brisbane at the end of every series (so, according to the example, you only need to send "Niffler" to me). If you get it correctly before the next series gets posted, then you will receive a little gift for your participation! Every series will have 3 editions, so make sure to always pay attention to the details and get the final answers according to your clues correctly!

Today, I present you Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, based on Venus DeRose's request! The information in the postcard is true: they provide a jeep tour that you can take to travel around the mountains. Some people even do their pre-wedding pictures there! Now, feel free to comment with an idea for the postcard for the next edition or series! One series will be from one country, so, for the next edition (still in one series), what kind of view that you would like to see from Indonesia?

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Isla Brisbane

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