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What is cringe? You may describe it as a feeling of awkwardness where you may just want to curl up into a ball and hide. I know I feel that way sometimes. I believe it's okay to cringe. It's a natural emotion taht can happen with a trigger. Here's my advice... embrace the cringe.

That is why I am here today with one of my most cringeist stories. I've shared some old stories from when I was younger, but this one I wrote just this year. It is pretty long.

I wrote this story becuase I love these carachters. The may be my favorite group of carachters ever. Just the whole world that I created exists in my mind, an the carachters all the same. I love writing about these twins, and this story wa sprobably one of the funniest I have written of them.

So let me introduce you all to... Miya and Micah: The Twins of Taitaiuai!! Also, this is only part 1 of this. I'll post part 2 in my nect blog!'


Micah is seen holding the camera, with five thrones behind him. On the largest one is a man, but not just any man, the king. The man is speaking.


“Son, what is that wretched item?” He asks, his voice clean and precise.


“It’s a camera.” Micah responds, switching the view so his father is up close. “Miya and I decided to make a video diary.”


“I see. I better not see that out during my presence, do I make that clear?”


“Yes, Father.” Micah sighs, rolling his eyes as he switches the camera’s perspective again. “Well, anyway! Hi! My name is Prince Micah of Taitailuai, but I like Micah, no need for formalities or what not. My twin sister, Miya, is currently in her room working on homework. It’s strange...”


He pauses, looking back to the screen after a moment of silence. “The kingdom doesn’t know we live on Earth. Dad said no one must find out, or it would be a disgrace to the kingdom. Something like “The Prince and Princess shall not say that they are attending earth school as non-royals, for it would be a horrible look on the royal family!”, I don’t know, I thought it was silly.”


“I’m going to see if you can teleport an inanimate object with yourself. Think it will work?” He asks, clearly pondering over the idea. “Okay, I guess we could try.”


At that moment you can see Micah cast a blue light from his fingers. He creates a pattern in the air and he disappears. The camera falls to the floor, not teleporting through.


“MICAH!” You can hear Miya yell, running toward the camera. “Well, there’s Micah for you. Stupid as ever! OH! I know! I’ll start a new theme of what Micah learns everyday! Number one? You can’t teleport an object with you! Ok, I’m ending this here!”


The video turns to black. 15 students are left staring at the screen, taking in what they just saw. The students were in awe, and highly confused, bewildered, and shooketh.


“Prince?” One kid asks.


“Everyone be quiet, I’m going to call Micah. Don’t talk, just listen.” Jeremy blurts out, pulling out his phone.


“Why are you calling him?” The teacher asks.


“To tell him he misplaced his report video with his video diaries. I don’t know why he isn’t here today.”






Thanks for reading this installment of I Sought The Stories! Feel free to Owl me some story prompts!!


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