Take A Trip With Me
Volume 1


Into the words to grandmother's house we go I'm joking... but anyway. Today is going to be rather interesting.

You are probably wondering what is going to be interesting about walking around town and other places in the world. Well it's going to be rather different.

So the first stop will be different type of foods, street foods, and other types of foods you can think of.

Secondly, we are going to go and try and find some nice fall/winter outfits or just clothes that go well with the current season!

Stop One!

So the first stop we are going to hop onto a train and go to Germany.

Still around the the UK area so don't worry~ I promise I know where I am going...I hope So around a few corners sit a small restaurant. First thing that caught my eye on the menu was Maultaschen.

It's like a ravioli but larger. It consists of an outer-layer of pasta dough which encloses a filling traditionally consisting of minced meat, smoked meat, spinach, bread crumbs and onions and flavored with various herbs and spices.


Stop Two!

Okay, so back on the train once again, and back to London. we could have apparated but....So this time is a side dish but can be eatten alone.

It's mostly famous in London. Its Yorkshire pudding....no not like jelly pudding or something like that.

Yorkshire pudding has batter of eggs, flour, and milk or water. The puddling has different sizes depending on the person ordering.


Stop Three!

Okay so this happens to be a Russian type of food, but are we going to Russia just to have it...Nope because that will take too long and we are just a bit too lazy to travel. Down the street off of West London sat a small little stand.

The smells of spices and food filled the air as you walk around the area. There sits on the table a small thing that looks like a dumpling. Varenniki or also known as Pierogi.


Stop Four

Okay, okay okay. Enough with the food~ We need to just look around a bit more and find maybe a fall or winter outfit.

Down a few streets by London sits a thrift store. Most thrift stores have pretty good stuff that you wouldn't find at normal stores.

Rows and rows of clothes stare at you as you run through the store trying to find the perfect style that goes together. Most people have sweaters, jeans and maybe a beany for fall and bigger sweaters, hoodies and other things would fit for winter.


Some info

I really really hope you guys enjoyed this. It's my first blog. So it might not be the best but I promise I'll get the hang of it!

Feel free to OWL me if you want a place to be done or any idea and I'll try and make it work!

Yours truly,
Molly Edwards

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