Harry Potter Filming Locations #7




Hey there fellow Woppians! Welcome to my fourth blog! I'm Brennan and in my next few blogs I'm going to be speaking about the filming locations within the Harry Potter movies!



Today, we're going to be continuing with the places in Scotland where scenes have been filmed.


Loch Arkaig


This area was used during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 where exterior shots of the dragon flight were taken.
The Jacobite Steam Train

Also known as the Hogwarts Express. This train was used in all of the movies with the numbers on the front that a lot of us know as 5972. You are actually able to ride the train from early May until late October.





And of course, finally the venue that we all know. There were so many scenes filmed during this and you can visit there often and see a lot of the scenery itself. It's really quite incredible and they even do different seasons within it which makes it even more magical.

Written by Brennan Ainsworth