Break time!
Who? What? Where?

Greetings, my fellow magical students, professors, and maybe some magical creatures too - who knows if they can read or not? They could be hiding a lot from us!

Are you bored from classes, or from teaching? Is homework (or grading) taking too much time? If you need to relax and have some fun between lessons, you’ve come to the right place!

This blog contains biweekly content with different kinds of tests, text or photo-based games, and other activities. Unless otherwise advised, you can comment your results and answers to share the fun with others.
Where's My Toad?

Oh no! My toad Princess has gone missing! Little owls told me that someone had seen my toad in yard. However, the yard is a huge mess! Can you help me to find her?

You can owl me where the toad is but don't comment and spoil the fun from others!

What's your own Amortentia smell?

If you’ve ever wondered what your soulmate would smell in their Amortentia, these are (obviously not) accurate results based on your zodiac sign!

Aries - Early morning after the rain, freshly mown grass, and dirt
Taurus - Pancakes, fire, hot cocoa
Gemini - Pumpkin pie, Roses, pine trees
Cancer - Old woman’s house, butterbeer, hot air
Leo - Lemon, popcorn, pepperoni pizza
Virgo - flower bouquet, coconut, forest
Libra - bakery, coffee, lavender
Scorpio - burning wood, mist, wine
Sagittarius - hippie-perfume, grapefruit, fresh laundry
Capricorn - old books, parchments, potion’s class
Aquarius - firewhisky, petrol, men’s old spice
Pisces - Smell of a blown-out candle, autumn air, vanilla

Hogsmeade quiz!

Winners get... Um, a smile from me if we meet on hallways? And hugs! But if you don't like hugs, a handshake works well too, or a polite nod.
Good luck!

1. Which shop sells the best Butterbeer?
2. I am green, round, and explosive. The only way to avoid my smell is to cast Bubblehead Charm. What am I?
3. A good rule is to eat six fruits a day... Whose saying is this?
4. If you miss your breakfast, where should you go?
5. You hear the Christmas carol. Who - or what is singing it?
Treat of the week

For the first time ever - I know, I know, I’m a little behind of my time - I tested Headless hat from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

It was a usual lame morning, and I was feeling a bit bored. An ordinary Monday, you know? No drama, no excitement… just a plain, blank grey Monday. I had this hat in my chest - I had bought it ages ago. See, you never know when you want to pull a prank, so you should always be prepared!

Anyway, I just put the hat on my head, and POOF - my head disappeared. It was awesome! I saw everyone and everything, but no one saw my head - only my clothes, arms and legs, and the hat!

I had classes obviously, without thinking I went to my first lesson. It was hilarious! They were shocked and confused, and everyone was staring at me. When the professor realized what’s going, they were disappointed though…

The headless hat gets Three and a half stars out of Five. Maybe, if some professors could take jokes, it would get a better rating…
Written by
Ava Nguyen