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Good day everyone! This is the first blog that I have started to do! Sadly I will not be doing the "Take a Trip with Me" again, but I promise this series of blogs will be very fun to read and you never know what you might learn! To start this new blog off with a bang (no pun intended), we are going to be learning a bit about Andromeda Constellation! Now you guy's might recognize the name of Andromeda Grey; Head of Prefect on this site, but was well as Andromeda Tonks; the mother of Nyphadora (Dora) Tonks

Now this constellation can be found between Cassiopeia's Western and the Great Square of Peagasus. Andromeda was the daughter of Queen Cassiopeia. Of course this constellation is within the Andromeda Galaxy. There are many other contellations but this one is the 19th largest contellations that are up there somewhere with in the sky. It is 722 square degrees of space within the whole galaxy.

During the summer or spring times of years, if you look up in the sky you will see a W by the northern hemisphere. According to astrologers it is said that there you can see cassiopeia sitting at her throne, calm, and ready for anything that might happen. While if it’s winter where you are, you would most likely see a E as if the small sadness of Cassiopeia trying to decide to sacrifice Andromeda or not.

Most people would spell Cassiopeia from greek “Κασσιοπεια” but when astronomers do her name they do “Cassiopeia” instead of the fancy greek name. Cassipopea was a rather beautiful woman and wife to the King of Ethiopia who was Cepheus who can be found “standing” by her.

Cassiopia is kind of like the witch of Snow White who thought she was better than anyone in the kingdom (sea nymphs in this case). Since they didn’t like Cassiopeia being all better than everyone, the Amphitrite and her sisters told Poseidon to punish Cassiopeia for the rest of her life.

Due to Cassiopeia being punished, they went after the King who was Cepheus’s and his country. When they did that, they sent a sea monster over to destroy the country, and astrology says that you can see the monster with Chepheus in the sky. In order to not have the monster hurt anyway, they decided to take their only daughter, Andromeda, and chain her to a rock, but luckily Persesus came to the rescue and saved Andromeda before she was eaten by the monster.

Cassiopeia is one of the many constellations that can be rather easy to see within the dark shy. It might be small but you can make out either an M or a W if you are lucky enough. (Depends on time of night as well as the year)

According to a certain ledgend it talks about how the W is the era of power, or at least as what it symbolizes. Mostly it symbolizes her sitting in her high thorne and looking or watching over the Nereids. Meanwhile, if there is an M, it shows her feeling dislike about the time Andromeda was given away.

It was Poseidon who placed Cassiopeia and Cepheus in the sky. Cassiopeia, the myth goes, was condemned to circle the celestial pole forever, and spends half the year upside down in the sky as punishment for her vanity. She is usually depicted on her throne, still combing her hair.
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This is a new thing that I started with in my blog! To start this "tradition" of this blog the first person who is getting the spot light is someone who is part of the managment, and is really really rather sweet! You can sometimes spot them in the chat, but most of the time they are hard at work!

I would like to put the spot light on!:

You know her as the head smurf, and an amazing goldie to the site! She has been here for about 3 years!

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