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Hello and welcome to Muggle Mayhem! I’m Banhi and you might recognize me from my other blog, The Life of a Student. Well, I wanted to spread even more blog love, so I decided to pick up another blog! In this blog I hope to explain some of the confusing objects that you might encounter if you were to venture into the Muggle world. By the end of each episode, you’ll be an expert in a new object!

Today’s item is something that you will see lots of Muggles carrying around these days: cellphones. These items are small, flat electronics that Muggles use to talk to each other, take pictures, and play games. What? How can one thing do all that? Well, you can think of them as a sort of magic, though it isn’t real magic. Muggles don’t use owls to write letters to each other; instead they use cellphones to send messages to each other. They type out the message on the screen, hit send, and the message pops up on the other person’s cellphone. Just like magic!

Cellphones are also interesting because there are many Muggles (especially older ones) who see cellphones as a problem. Young Muggles, who are about school age, are often quite obsessed with their cellphones and hardly ever put them down. Older Muggles feel like the younger generation isn’t spending enough time with people face to face. Why see people in person when you can instantly send them a message through your magic cellphone?

So, what do you think? If you had a magical box that allowed you to instantly talk to your friends, would you use it all the time? Unfortunately, electronics don’t work here at Hogwarts, so we won’t get the chance to use these items anytime soon, but we can imagine it. Owls are just as good, right?

Cellphone gif

Thank you for reading Muggle Mayhem! I hope you enjoyed it and that you learned a thing or two about these interesting objects that you will see all around the Muggle world. If you have heard about a Muggle object and want it to be explained, send me an owl!

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Banhi Patil
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