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Hello! Welcome to this week's I Can See Color! In this blog, I interview members with IG jobs so that you can get to know what it's like. I've interviewed almost all the student jobs and I'm looking forward to doing some more. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog. It means a lot to me! I just want to remind you that this is now a weekly blog so I get to bother you more. Now, let's stop tallking about the blog and start the blog!


This week, I interviewed a spectacular journalist, Benny Laboy. You've probably seen him in the chat or earning points for Gryfindor or even writting articles for the Mystical Report. But you don't want to hear what he's doing from a stalker like me. You want to hear from him. So keep reading to find out what Benny has been up to!


Me: Hi Benny! I'm so glad to have you here on I Can See Color today. I've always wanted to interview one of the journalists for this blog. I just love reading all of the articles you guys post and I was wondering if we could get an inside view on that. So, I have a few questions about your job working for the Mystical that I want to ask you. Actually, more than a few, so I should probably stop talking and start the interview. The first question is: Why did you apply to be a journalist?


Benny: Well, this is quite the little story. I'd actually wanted and on-site job for a while, but I never had the time for one. Then, some things in real life cleared up, and I thought, maybe now's the time. I still was a little unsure, though, because what job would fit me? Then I got an owl from the one and only SoYun, who told me she'd read some of my homework assignments that I submitted and encouraged me to apply. I was actually really excited because of this, because I have been writing since a young age and have always loved it. That was how I landed on World of Potter in the first place! I always have loved reading the articles on site and I admired the people writing them so much. To think I could be one of them? That was just too good a chance to pass up.


Me: Well, anyone who's read one of your homework assignments would have to agree. They truely are amazingly thought out and written. And speaking of homework, there's plently left in the admin panel just waiting to be graded. And if you haven't gotten the hint to grade homework by now, I'll just tell you that's what I'm going for. But, back to Benny and journalisting. I have another question for you. Before we get into the specifics and what you like, what are some things a journalist does?


Benny: First and foremost, we write the articles you can read on the site. Which is a lot of fun to do. You can be really creative with them, and as long as it stays within the Harry Potter universe and it stays realistic, you can add all the details you like. But writing does not come without research, and I am rather a frequent visitor on the Harry Potter wiki. You always keep finding new, interesting things on there that you can use in an article. Apart from writing and research, we also have to submit a pitch for an article we would like to write. It's not as scary as it sounds, though. You just have to submit a little outline or summary of your idea for your article and then your Chief Editor either approves or dissaproves it. That's about the basics of being a journalist!


Me: Wow! That's certainly a lot for journalists too do. I had no idea that that much work went into writing an article. Though, I shouldn't really be suprised because the articles do seem really well thought out and detailed, but I still couldn't imagine doing that much work. I mean, I can't even english in these blog posts. Maybe that's the difference between the salmons and the Skylers. Well, that's enough about me. Research is always important when writing an article even if it's just wall stalking. Now, I have yet another question to ask you. What is your favorite part of being a journalist?


Benny: That I have an output for my creativity and that I get to write about things that I like and that interest me. I've always loved writing, but getting to write about things in the Harry Potter universe and letting my creativity loose on them? That's the best thing ever!


Me: You certainly are creative. I mean, you're articles are always something that you'd never think of, but still so relevent. It's a really hard way to write, and not a lot of people can do it well, but all of our journalists have obviously mastered it. So, next time you see a new article posted, read it! And then read it again. Now, we have our 2nd to last question of the interview. Though, maybe I'll just never stop it. Who knows! When's a time you felt really good about being a journalist?


Benny: Every time people coment on my articles! Their interaction makes me really, really, happy! To me, it means a lot, because that shows that they really liked what I wrote. I'm still a little unsure about that at times, though that may be the self-critic in me. It makes me feel I really acomplished something, though, making someone's day just a little better, a little more fun.


Me: Yes! Comments are articles always feel so good and it's awesome to know that people are reading and enjoying the things that you write. Especcially on days when you don't feel good about your writing or are upset about something else. It may seem like a small, unnessicary thing, but it always feels great for the writers. Next time you read an article, leave a comment for the writer to enjoy. Now, I'm going to have to end this interview soon, so I'll just ask one more question. What’s a piece of advice you’d give to anyone applying to journalist?


Benny: I would say, if your heart is really into writing, but you, like me, do not have the patience to work on a book or a long story, apply! You should not be afraid, because it really isn't that scary. You should apply to something you love to do, that way you never lose interest in it! But for the actual application itself? Be sure to proof-read it! That's an important skill to master when you are a journalist. Don't write it all in one go, then send it in immediately. Leave it for a day and come back to it, I'm sure you'll see things you didn't before. Either spelling mistakes, things you want to word differently, or something else you'd like to change.


Me: Those are all greate pieces of advice for anyone applying to anything. Always proof read, take breaks, don't be scared, and apply for something you'll love. Especcialy the last one. I hope that, after reading all of these blogs, you can get a sense of which position fits you the most. For example, I just looked at SoMe and knew that it was the right thing for me. But, sometimes, you have to look a little closer. And, if you're nervous about sending an application, just do it! It's worth it, trust me. Thank you for being here today to tell us about your journalist job Benny! See you next week!


Wow! The journalists do so much. I never knew how much work they put into their articles. And they make it look so easy. So, next time, read the whole article and then comment aout how great it is. It always makes writers feel like thier work is appreciated. And, be extra nice to the journalists this week. Maybe even leave a comment of appreciation.


Just so you know, there can still be more journalists hint, hint So if this seems interesting, go apply!


Here are all the jobs that we have on WoP (keep in mind that not all of them are open for applications right now):

Minister of Magic


Head of House

Team Leader


Teacher (Graduate)

Chief Editor




Library Team

Plot Team

Backstory Team

SoMe Team


If you’re interested in an IG job, any of these could be a good option for you. So, go to the club page and apply!


Now that this blog had been made weekly, I'll post it once a week big suprise. I'd love to hear what jobs you want to read about so that I can make these articles even better. If you're interested in an interview, owl me (Skyler Midleus) or comment on this article. Now that I Can See Color is a weekly blog, I need more people to interview, so that means that you should volenteer. Or else I will FORCE you into it Anyone with a staff or student job is welcome! Thank you for reading and make sure to tune into our next issue.

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