Amazing Creatures of Magic



Welcome to a new blog series. Here Iʻll be discussing all sorts of animals, from the friendliest to some of the most dangerous. Weʻll be taking a sort of deep dive into the creatures weʻve heard about at least once, learning more about them as we go. Our first animal, which happens to be one of my favorites, is the Bowtruckle. Letʻs get started on this very magical journey.




Ministry Classification: XX Beast


Information About Them:

Bowtruckles are tree-like creatures with green colored skin and brown eyes who can be found to be up to eight inches tall. They can be found in Germany, Scandinavia, and England in a tree they consider to be their home and can guard. The trees they claim as their home can be used as wood for wands. Because of how similar they are to trees, they are hard to spot.



Even though they are classified as not being harmless, they have a reputation of being violent towards those who threaten them or their tree.



Fun Fact: "A branch" is the name given to a group of Bowtruckles


These small creatures have twig-like fingers that they use for either digging wood lice out of trees or even as a weapon against someone. Since theyʻre very territorial over their trees, the only way you can take wood or a leaf from the tree you have to distract the Bowtruckle by giving it fairy eggs or wood lice.



Thatʻs it for the first post of the new series. Next time weʻll be taking a closer look at a more dangerous creature, so stay tuned.


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Topaz Mortimer