A Social Media Team Competition

Create Your Own Wizarding School


Have an idea of your own Hogwarts? Submit your wizarding school idea to win a working Potion along with other prizes! (No brewing necessary ☺) Winning submissions will also be featured on the World of Potter US Blog! Submissions are due by December 8 at 11:59pm CST. Results and winning submissions will be posted via Blog and Facebook Page on December 13.


Submission Details





First Place: Potion* or Broom, 400 Galleons, 35 Chocolate Frogs

Second Place: 350 Galleons, 35 Chocolate Frogs

Third Place: 250 Galleons, 25 Chocolate Frogs

*Choice between Strengthening Solution, Elixir of Euphoria, and Aging Potion.


Submission Form Link

Here is the link to the Google Form to submit your entry. All submissions are due by December 8 at 11:59PM CST.


Any questions or concerns about the competition can be owled to me. Good luck and have fun!

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