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Raven Olsi

Hello! and you are watching disney channel(no kidding come back) how are you all doing hopefully well, I am not bad myself I am back with another blog for you, make sure to comment and tell me how you liked the recipe shared. What will we do today hmmm.. well if you want to find out read on!

(Sponsered ad) Jello! bootiful and lovely people we have assembled here to witness the comments *trumpet plays* Last blog there were some lovely comments lets take a look at them.

Timothy Clarke This is a fun blog to read! I can't wait till next week!

Lawliet Ito Lawliet Ito Heeey, where’s my shoutout?! great article though, enjoyed reading.

Calix Albino Calix Albino Yesss! I love this, so awesome! :D

I’m still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts. But since I’m weeks away from another birthday, I’m seriously doubting an owl is going to deliver.



white chocolate

red chocolate

pastry bag


Wax paper

Why you should read meh blog
Melt white chocolate according to package instructions.

Dip pretzel halfway into melted chocolate, slowly spinning to shake off excess. Lay on wax paper to harden.

Melt red chocolate according to package instructions.

Fill pastry bag (or Ziploc with corner snipped off) carefully as it will be warm. Drizzle across dipped pretzels.

Sprinkle lightning bolts on pretzels immediately so they’ll stick. You can buy them here.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! have a great holiday!


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