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Today we are trying something new! Stories come in all different types and one of my favorites are scripts. These wonders are used for plays, television, movies, short-fimls, and if you just want to act!

Back in June, my IRL friends and I did a school prject and made a script, so I decided to share the script with you all. Currently I do not know how my class will like it since I'm currently in June, in class, IRL while writing this blog.

This is only part of it but thats okay? Anyways, this script talk about the story of a family heading to Oregon. The assignment was to pick something we learned from social studies and make a PSA about it. We chose Westward Expansion. This is all American History, and it's so much fun! If you live in another country, I highly reccomend read "Dear America" books. Learning about american history can be exilerating!



Elliot: This is it, the day we finally leave to join our family in Oregon.


Kili: Oregon? Is that a big place?


Elliot: I do believe it is! We’ll build our own house and build it up nice and sturdy. (places arms around Kili and Alexys shoulders)


Alexys: With a nice wood mantle with my china hanging up nicely over a glowing fire pit. (Alexys clasps her hands and smiles)


Kili: Will there be Indians? (cowers)


Alexys: Indians! Why, I suppose there will be since they’re mad about the Indian Removal, but we will have our dog, Prince. (Reassuringly)


Elliot: That’s quite right, we’ll be just fine getting to Oregon. (Pats Kili head, smiles brightly) (camera blurs, scene changes, Alexys writes in her diary)


Alexys (reading out loud): We’ve been on the trail for two weeks already. We have not seen any Indians yet, however we fear we will soon. We sit in our covered wagon whilst other wagons seem to carry on into the distance for miles. Many families are heading to different places. Mormons are heading towards another place, some people are heading to spanish land, and some be heading to California. (Blurs again, changes to KIli, reading her diary)


KIli: I learned about California today. We was resting for the day and I made friends with other girls. They says they going to California because their families want to find gold. I told them they were selfish and momma had to carry me away real fast. I thought they was being selfish! Why are they going all the way to california just to find gold and keep it all? Perhaps pa will have the answer. (setting changes: they all stand watching train rush past)


KIli: It’s a train! A train! How did it get all the way out here?


Elliot: Everyone is moving west so we need ways to get out west. We’re not half way to Oregon yet which means the railways haven’t moved so far. Train tickets are very expensive.


Alexys: People don’t have that type of money so they travel in their wagons instead, and anyway it’s easier to bring all of our belongings.


Kili: I’d like to ride in a train someday! Elliot: Someday, okay? We have to get to Oregon first. (scene fades)


(scene opens; Kili is talking to a young girl about her age)


Alexys: My family is from new york. Where you from?


KIli: North Carolina! I’ve heard about new york. Is that where the Erie Canal is? I heard it took years to complete!


Alexys: Yes! It took 8 years. Every 15 miles is a small town. It’s main use is for carrying trading items.


KIli: My, you could be a teacher when you grow up with all that knowledge!


Alexys: Oh no, I want to be married. Married women can’t be teachers, isn’t that sad?


KIli: Oh, very! Tell me, how costly was the canal?


Alexys: I do believe around 7 million.


Kili: Pray to the heavens above! That is a lot! It was nice meeting you! When we get to oregon, lets live side by side.


Alexys: I like that! I must retire to my wagon now but I will see you tomorrow! (scene fades)


I have been given permission for my IRL friends to use there IRL names, thank you.






Thanks for reading this installment of I Sought The Stories! Feel free to Owl me some story prompts!!


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