Amazing Creatures of Magic

Tanuja Potter


This is Tanuja Potter, reporting in with the most recent blog on Amazing Creatures of Magic! You can find this blog every fortnight on Wednsdays. This blog is about one Magical creature that we are going to unravel!

This weeks animal is a Basilik!





The Basilisk is a giant serpent, also known as the King of Serpents.
If you do come in contact with a basilik, please do not look it in the eye. Looking the basilik in the eye will cause immediate death! Indirectly looking at a basilik will cause petrification.

Basiliks are hated by spiders, who can sense when there is a basilik around, and will flee when there is an opportunity. Like who does that! Couldn't they at least give a warning?

Since the Basilisk is still a serpent, a Parselmouth may place a Basilisk under his or her control. This depends on the relationship between the Basilisk and the Parselmouth.

Basilisk venom is an extremely poisonous substance that only has one known antidote: phoenix tears.[3] Basilisk venom is so powerful that it can kill a person within minutes, making the person drowsy and blurry-visioned before they die.

So if you want to get into some serious trouble, do not run into a basilik!  




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