Ideas for Proposing
Well everyone gets to this point sooner or later. I would say this topic today is more for the older ones but could help you guys who are in a relationship now in the future.
You know that feeling when you feel like the person you are with is the person that you should awlays be with? The person that you can't imagine not seeing everyday or week. The person that makes you feel whole inside and cared for. The one that knows you inside and out without even you having to say anything. Well today we are talking about just that and on ideas of how to purpose to the one you always want to be with whether it's the girl purposing or a guy.

There's always nerves in how to approach going about proposing to someone chances are the guy is more nervous about proposing to you than you are about being proposed too. Girls tend to get excited over this and even if the girl is in the guy's position most of the time they aren't that nervous about it. Most guys are nervous about this because they are afraid of being rejected or of it going the wrong way. Even if us girls try to comfort the other about it that doesn't usually do much good because it doesn't take the pressure off of them.
What are Some Good ways to Propose?
Some good ways to propose is going out to a romantic dinner, then after dinner finding a good place in the conversation to talk about everything you guys have gone through together and how you love having them in your love and popping the question. Another good way is taking their favorite holiday or somewhere close to their favorite holiday and finding something to do with it and then ask the question that way. Another good way is going on a trip together alone, then find a good time to ask. The last other way I think is a good way is by writing a book about how you feel about the person and at the end put in the question.

Last thing to remember is the worst that someone can do is say no, and most likely if you 've gotten to the point where you feel like it's time to ask it's very unlikely you are going to be turned down. Especially if you guys have already talked about this to each other. Comment down below some of your experiences if you have any.

Emery Levine
SoMe Team
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