You've Got Owl 6.4

by Isla Brisbane

Welcome to You’ve Got Owl! My name is Isla Brisbane and this will be a weekly blog post filled with a little mystery and a game that you can participate in! So, of course, according to the title, it means you got something sent for you. However, before you run to your owl, let me set the mood first, alright? Here comes the RPG part!

Anyway, if you missed the article from last week, which is Edition 6.3, feel free to take a look at it HERE!
Since you are reading this, you, {%FULLNAME%}, are still in the "Postcard Exchange Program for Young Wizards" program. This program allows you to send postcards to other fellow young wizards and witches all over the world, and of course, it also allows you to receive postcards from them in return! You can get up to twenty (or even more at times) postcards every month, isn't it exciting? As usual, today, you got another postcard. Another one from China. Exciting! However, this time, you saw no red markings whatsoever. Hmm...?

OOG: There are no hidden words in this postcard. It's a bonus!
Hello, {%FIRSTNAME%}!
My name is Suyin and I'm currently 15 years old. I joined this program two months ago, and I've been enjoying it so far! I think it's a really nice program, and I really like sharing facts about my country to other people all over the world. As for today, I'd like to write about this cute animal: giant panda! I think it's a pretty well-known fact that giant pandas came from China, but do you know that they eat for 10-16 hours a day? What a dream, right? Haha! I hope you like the picture here!

The Owlery - Hogwarts
Highlands, Scotland

Today we have no red marks on the postcard because instead of giving more clues, I will announce the winners for this edition! Before I announce the winner, the answer is Harry Potter. The keywords are gryffindor, glasses, and chosen one. Pretty obvious, isn't it? Harry Potter is the chosen one who got sorted into Gryffindor and he wears glasses! Alright, without any further ado, the winners are....

Scarlett Mexborough
Charles Kayne
Ellis Davies
Ellory Maynard
Blue Styll
Margaux Cien
Jessamine Choi
Jack Elian
Harry MacGonnagalfson
Auriga Wolf
Sabrina Madison
Apollinarya Romantseva
Clementine Fletcher
Finnegan Crouch

Congratulations to all winners! You will receive your gifts soon!! Anyway, just a refresher for the rules: you will find some different letters written on each postcard. Those letters will form some words, and it's your job to find what words these postcards have! Gather these words from all the editions in one series, and after you find all the words, find one thing from the Harry Potter Universe that is related to these words! For example, if the hidden words are steal, shiny, beast, cute, gold, then the final answer would be Niffler!

Send ONLY the final answer through owl to Isla Brisbane at the end of every series (so, according to the example, you only need to send "Niffler" to me). If you get it correctly before the next series gets posted (there will be a deadline for the answer), then you will receive a little gift for your participation! Every series will have 3 editions, so make sure to always pay attention to the details and get the final answers according to your clues correctly!

Postcard explanation time, I present you the Giant Pandas! As Suyin said, giant pandas came from China and they spend 10-16 hours a day to just eat. Their body is in two colors: black and white. The black part is to help them hide in shade, meanwhile the white part is to help them camouflage in the snow. In China, there is also a big research and conservation area that focuses on protecting pandas. Imagine all the pandas there! :3

Now, feel free to comment with an idea for the postcard for the next edition! One series will be from one country, so we will start with a new country for the next edition! We already did Indonesia, New Zealand, Egypt, Hawaii, France, and China. What country should we see next?

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