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HP 3: The Knight Bus Spin

I know, I know... I don't do the films in order... But it's for the sake of suspense! So today I've decided that we're going to take a look at the deleted scenes from the third Harry Potter film: Prisoner of Azkaban. We'll stick to the beginning of the film, before we arrive at Hogwarts. Harry has just left his aunt and uncle's house, after the disaster with aunt Marge. He wanders down the street until the Knight Bus picks him up at the curb. The Bus scene is hilarious in the film, but a little short for my taste...

The scene I'm about to show you was shot but not kept in the final cut. That's why we still have the footage! It's an extension of the Knight Bus scene. Are you a fan of Stan Shunpike's humor or Ernie Prang's driving? Think there hasn't been enough of it in the films, and wouldn't mind a bonus scene with a bit more rough driving? Then this is your lucky day! (Don't forget to activate the sound to hear the video)

The Knight Bus' reputation for making its passengers vomit is well established after seeing these spins in the middle of a crossroads. I hope you enjoyed these extra thirty seconds of deleted scene!

It's time for me to leave you now, and I'll see you in two weeks for the next issue!


written for you by
Charles Kayne