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#002 - 4/11/23



Marcellus Faulkner

Well there hello and welcome to my second blog! before we start of,let me introduce myself, you might have seen me lurking around the site but formally...I am Marcellus Faulkner part of the SoMe team obviously but without wasting your time lets get on with shall we!

so as stated in the name this is a blog where you collect wizarding cards but wop edition! Staff members or site users, each and everyone can participate even your NPC's and pets! just like for the hp characters here also your face will be on wizarding cards, isnt that cool :0, all you have to do is answer a few questions to have one of your own. A question below will be asked and if you answer (make sure to owl me) you get to claim the wizarding card (only the first 3 people) whoever collects the whole collection first gets a very interesting prize so buckle up! these cards will be sorted into: rare,unique,legendary,ultra-rare,fan favourite.

Claiming last editions wizarding cards are:

Hua Ruizhi:corndogs, and she’s super loveable, seems like a wise sage archetype xD

Heiyu Tsang:Pickles! My thoughts on Luna is that she is quite unique and extraordinary. Her "strange" beliefs are really interesting and very original. She doesn't care what others say about her - I admire that a lot. Luna is also extremely empathetic; she feels what people are feeling at first glance, and that is amazing. Is she a Legilimens or something...? Luna is amazing and my favorite character in HP.

Avery Shepherd:pickles or corndog? your thoughts on Luna as a character! I would have to say pickles! My thoughts on Luna is that being a little different and weird is okay. I'd probably be her friend if she was at Hogwarts now. Have a great day!

Here is this weeks wizarding card...! Violett Adrienne


Once Violett was born, her blue eyes were adored by her parents. (not shown as much in pfp as she wears brown contacts) It was uncommon on her dad’s side to have blue eyes. However, it was normal for her mom since that’s where she got it from. Her dad, August was holding Violett and staring at her eyes, immersed in Violett’s beauty like it was his first time looking at blue eyes. As she reached the age of one, Violett was able to speak some basic words and crawl. It really surprised her parents when they heard she could walk at one and half. [told by babysitter] Growing up to the age of five, she was able to skip preschool and kindergarten. It wasn’t that difficult for Violett, but she was very shy-spoken. So it was difficult to get know or understand Violett. However, when she reached the age of eight, she met May.

May was a kind of girl that knew how it was like to be shy so it was good to Violett to know she wasn’t alone. They loved doing things together and wanted to follow in Violett’s parents footsteps and run their own business.June and August run a flower shop with all kind of flower such as Violets, Dahilas, Lillies, Daisies, and Roses. Since they run a flower shop and Violett reminded them of flowers, they named her after the flowers (Violett Lilly Adrienne). Violett, in fact, was almost names after the crystal, Amethyst.

Next thing she knew when Violett was nine to ten, Violett had books and so many other items floating around her. Violett thought she was a girl without magic, but once she reached the age of eleven, everything changed. A person came to the house and that person happened to be her cousin, Ellie Omg. Ellie explained to Violett and it made sense that she had all of this happening.

Along with Violett’s cousins and family, Violett took off in her magical journey as a witch.

favourite HP char and why ~ Luna Lovegood as the both of us act in the same way and I can relate to her personally.

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Violett Adrienne is a fan-favourite wizarding card so to claim them answer the question below! owl it to me as soon as possible!

The colour of Luna's eyes,the meaning of your name!

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