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Through The Classes! During each blog, I will talk about one class and its value here in the castle and what values it brings to the students and what famous witches and wizards taught it or even mastered it!

Today i will be talking to you about the wonders of Astronomy! and why it is important!


Astronomy is a class where we learn about the universe and the galaxies and what lies in our universe. Now you may be wondering why this may be important for wizards but that is why i am here. Not only do we learn about our world and the planets but we learn about the history of the stars and the histories of all the other planets.

But you also get to learn about constellations and the names too where you can learn where they got the names and whom they were named after, most of them are named after gods or heroes that you may have learned about, but you also learn about asteroids too. But you also learn about your Astrological star sign.


But Centaurs seem to like Astronomy as well, but did you know that Astronomy also has effects on your moods as well? and that it can control the tides in the oceans and lakes and other bodies of water.


Now here are some famous Professors and Students in Astronomy in the Castle

We have Professor Sinistra she was a Professor at the castle and she taught the wonderful class of Astronomy and she was a well-liked teacher. But she's the only one I can think of to have a really good eye for Astronomy in the Wizarding World! But it is useful to use wizards and witches!

And i have decided to Interview the Professor for Astronomy and this is what he had to say about his class " My opinion on this class is definitely biased, but I love it. There's something so fascinating about stars, planets, and even more mysterious things such as black holes! I have always had a love for planets, moons, and everything else that involves Astronomy and couldn't be happier to teach it to others!

There are so many things about Astronomy that are still undiscovered or maybe simply unknown to us yet. Bringing light to Astronomy and the subjects involved in Astronomy could possibly encourage people to look beyond our planet and into the unknown and undiscovered! Who knows what's out there in the galaxy and maybe a young witch or wizard might be the next person to discover something that no one expected! It could be a new star, chocolate frog world, or maybe even a new planet. To infinity and beyond as one has said it!"

Don't forget to take his lovely class! astronomy is fun and I am sure you will have fun too!

I hope you had fun reading this blog and if you can leave a comment or if you have a subject that you would like done don't hesitate to send me an owl if you would like I don't bite trust me

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