You've Got Owl 4.1

by Isla Brisbane

Welcome to You’ve Got Owl! My name is Isla Brisbane and this will be a weekly blog post filled with a little mystery and a game that you can participate in! So, of course, according to the title, it means you got something sent for you. However, before you run to your owl, let me set the mood first, alright? Here comes the RPG part!

Anyway, if you missed the article from last week, which is Edition 3.4, feel free to take a look at it HERE!
Since you are reading this, you, {%FULLNAME%}, are still in the "Postcard Exchange Program for Young Wizards" program. As usual, you got more and MORE postcards! This time, however, the unique marking showed up in a new postcard that came from Hawaii! You decided to take a deeper look into this postcard....

OOG: Hover over the picture to read the postcard. There is ONE hidden word in this postcard.
Hello, {%FIRSTNAME%}!
Nice to finally write to you! My name is Kaimana. I live in Hawaii, and I go to Ilvermorny. When I got your information, and the fact that you go to Hogwarts, I was SO amazed! I really want to visit that school - I heard so many good things about it! I always want to know how different it is, here and there. If you'd allow me saying it, I feel like Ilvermorny is the "child" of Hogwarts. One of our founders graduted from Hogwarts, so I suppose it makes sense! Don't you think? :D

The Owlery - Hogwarts
Highlands, Scotland

As usual, you will find some different letters written on each postcard. Those letters will form some words, and it's your job to find what words these postcards have! Gather these words from all the editions in one series, and after you find all the words, find one thing from the Harry Potter Universe that is related to these words! For example, if the hidden words are steal, shiny, beast, cute, gold, then the final answer would be Niffler!

Send ONLY the final answer through owl to Isla Brisbane at the end of every series (so, according to the example, you only need to send "Niffler" to me). If you get it correctly before the next series gets posted (there will be a deadline for the answer), then you will receive a little gift for your participation! Every series will have 3 editions, so make sure to always pay attention to the details and get the final answers according to your clues correctly!

Postcard explanation time, I present you Lana'i Island in Hawaii! So, I heard it's like one of the 10 must visit places in Hawaii. Of course, it's gorgeous - as you can see from the picture. Aside from that, this island is also known as "Pineapple Isle", because it's one of the most important places in the world to grow pineapples. That's how important pineapples are! And also, you can reach this island by using a ferry or a plane from Honolulu.

Now, feel free to comment with an idea for the postcard for the next edition! One series will be from one country, so, we will have another place from Hawaii. What place would you like to see in Hawaii? Why?

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