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So… In WoP, we have 4 different kind of chats. we have The Great Hall, The Quidditch Chat, The House Chat, and The In-Game Chat.


So…. let’s start off with the Great hall, shall we? The Great Hall chat is basically the IRL chat… everyone kinda knows each other and we talk about IRL stuff a lot… there are also times when we talk about in game stuff, but it’s usually for fun. Topics can be discussed here and there’s lots of fun to be had there, even as a newcomer


Then there’s the Quidditch chat, this chat mostly revolves around Quidditch, it’s players (both new and old members). Of course, in here, things can also go a bit too much to the IRL or Game chat, but it’s less likely


Next up, the House chat, This chat revolves mostly around your house. Here you can talk about Homework, grading, ways to earn points, and topics, this is also where you can get the best help if you’re stuck on something.


Last, but not least, The In-Game chat, This chat ONLY revolves around Roleplay… this is where you act out your character, where he/she goes, who he/she meets, what he/she does. in this chat, there’s a different kind of rules that apply, because again…. it ONLY revolves around Roleplay


Want to know more, Check them out for yourself !!