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What is this blog about? Well, in each of the “Amazing Creatures of Magic” blogs, I will be featuring and giving a background on a magical/mythical creature that can either be real or not, domesticated or even dangerous. ALL creatures deserve a spotlight! The magical creature we will be focusing on today is the...





Occamies resemble Amphipteres from European Heraldry and were described as serpentine creatures with either fully feathered bodies and wings or scaled bodies with semi-feathered wings. The film version of the Occamy resembles Quetzalcoatl, a god of Central American myth who had the appearance of a feathered serpent.

One of Gilderoy Lockhart's ambitions was to create a line of hair care products. He wanted to mass-produce the products with his secret ingredient: the Occamy egg, as the main ingredient for Occamy egg yolk shampoo. Since Occamies are very territorial, it was proven to be too dangerous and too expensive to supply. It is not known if Lockhart, remembers this failed aspiration.






The Occamy is found in the Far East and India. An Occamy was a plumed, two-legged serpent-like creature with wings that reached up to fifteen feet in height. Occamies can be extremely aggressive to anyone who approached it and lived off of insects, rats, birds, and occasionally monkeys. It was extremely protective of its eggs, which were made of the purest and soft silver.

The Occamy was known to be choranaptyxic, which means that it could grow or shrink to fit available space.

The Occamies Magical of Magic Classification is: Beast and XXXX




Fun Facts:

• The Occamy was a known possible but rare corporeal form of the Patronus Charm.

• It is currently unknown if Occamies, given their snake-like appearance, can speak Parseltongue.

• The word "Occamy" comes from the name of an English philosopher whose name was Occam.




Question: Would you want to have an Occamy as your Patronus?  

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