Travelling Tuesdays: Arkansas U.S.A.

Welcome back to part two of this three part blog series! Last time, I told you about my travels through Tennessee. Did I upset you when I ended the blog last time? I’m sorry, but guess what? I have more to tell you! This time, you’ll hear about my travels through the state of



As boring as Tennessee was to travel through, Arkansas seemed even worse. When you weren’t going through a city or a town, you were staring at nothing but empty fields and large patches of grass. Occasionally, you saw a few cows in a pasture, but the openness was a bit awkward for me, even though I absolutely LOVE the countryside.


Now, it didn’t take as long to travel through Arkansas as it did Tennessee, and I’m thankful for that! But then again, we did stop halfway through the state to rest for the night since it was super late…..

Anywho, back to Arkansas!

Now, Arkansas has some weird town names. For example: Friendship, Hope, Arkadelphia, and Texarkana. Yeah, I’m not making these up. These are actual town names in the state and I either passed through them or passed signs for them during my drive. None of them were big cities, noooo, they were itty-bitty tiny towns that one would miss if they weren’t paying attention close enough.

There really wasn’t much to happen in Arkansas to be completely honest with you. It was boring and bland with not much to discuss. So, this blog is gonna get cut just a bit short, which I apologize for. I promise to make it up in my next travel blog!

Speaking of the next blog, we reach the end of the three part series and I’ll be discussing Texas and what I did while I was there! Will I see you back here then?

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