Solving Mysteries

The trip to the Forbidden Forest had gone by fast. My feet were freezing because it was about 4 and getting colder by the minute. We arrived at a small patch of nothing, really. Just some grass and trees. Lilly seemed okay but was scared out of her mind. I had to find Mrs. Bloom.

Maya was scared too. She looked at me, then Lily. She really wanted to go to her dorm and chill. But I thought that if we found Mrs. Bloom and Jane, everything could go back to normal.

“Guys,” I began. I shuffled my feet in the pile of leaves we were standing in. “We need a clue. We have to find something that can help us go farther!” I said. Maya was becoming happier as I spoke. Lilly nodded.

“Yeah, let’s keep moving,” Lilly said. She kicked the leaves and found a large path that looked like a lot of people had stomped through it. Then, after a long time of walking, Maya and I found a spot to chill out. Lily followed behind horrified, so she didn’t help us find it.

There was a modern house that looked like it was just built. It had a light blue sign that said, “Solving Mysteries Station 133”.

“Let’s go in,” I said. Maya nodded. It was naturally hard to speak when you almost died, so Lily stayed quiet. We knocked on the door, and an old lady came out, “Oh, hello…I’m assuming you are looking for Jane Hallow and the famous Mrs. Bloom?” The lady said.

We all stared, then we walked in. Lily had sat down immediately in an old rocking chair. The inside was a marble house full of glass balls. Then, Maya, Lily, and I stared at each other in horror when the door shut, and locked itself, with a sign saying, "No way out,"


This blog post has been written by:
Jade Techer
Jade Techer FC