Welcome back to yet another blog of Magic beyond the wand. In the previous one, you might've seen how magic can be found in the smallest of items. In this blog series, I, Carolina Ellsworth, will talk about the magical items, sweets and everything!

It was a warm day and I was just done doing my transfiguration homework. It was due the following day and oh, how demotivated I was. Sailor Ryann, one of my friends, had motivated me by saying she'd give me a chocolate frog if I completed the homework. Oh I couldn't resist, I love them so much. Ever since I was young, mum and dad wouldn't stop telling me about how it was their favourite and naturally, it is mine as well.

After completing the work, like she had promised, I did recieve my reward. That was really sweet of her, right? Now, let's get to the point. Have you ever seen your friends (or enemies) collecting cards with pictures of famous wizards and witches on them? Or saying something about missing a Dumbledore to complete the set? Or perhaps, saying that they've got about hundred and twenty Snape cards? Well, that was just the icing on the cake!

Saying that chocolate frogs are delicious would be an understatement. They are mouth watering. Honestly, I am never satisfied with just one of them. Additonally, those cards are just irrestable. At first, it's just normal to think that, 'Huh, they're mere cards.' But once you start collecting, it will be fun.

Another cherry on the cake: they aren't even expensive! About twelve galleons, eleven sickles and fifteen knuts to be specific. How do I remember that? Don't ask. That's the amount of money I keep as the bait for literally everything so I if I win, I can buy one. It can be found in Honeydukes, Wine Tap Street, Hogsmeade. And today, we have with us, Sailor Ryann to share her experience.
Carolina: So, Sailor, do you have any experience with the chocolate frog?

Sailor: I must say that I have a bit of an obsession over chocolate frogs. I will unwrap multiple and consume all of them at once if I get the opportunity.

Carolina: Woah, that says something. Since when did you know about it?

Sailor: Ever since I got on the train. I love chocolate, and I was muggle-raised but took a bite out of one in my empty compartment- absolute deliciousness.

Carolina: Absolute deliciousness, I agree. They do have those wizard cards with them too, do you collect those?

Sailor: I do collect them. But they must be nicely arranged and organized.

Carolina: Agreed, agreed. Collecting them is really fun. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

This is it for today. As much as tempting and delicious they are, they're frogs nonetheless. Might as well hop away as soon as you open them! If you want to be featured in the next blog, owl me for an interview.
Written and coded by:
Carolina Ellsworth