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Hello and Welcome to my blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Raven Olsi but you can call me Raisin, In this blog as the title suggests, We will be taking a look at a few interesting magical creatures,facts thier appearence, behaviour all and all. In todays blog We will be taking a look at the most engrossing creature a Thestrals

If you dont what a threstal is let me introduce you to them

Thestrals are, undeservedly, known as omens of misfortune and aggression by many wizards because they were visible only to those who had witnessed death at least once or due to their somewhat grim, gaunt and ghostly appearance.They are carnivorous, and are attracted to the scent of blood. They are strong flyers and can carry you anywhere you want to go, and they have a good sense of direction. Because of the relationship with death, it is widely believed that seeing a Thestral is a bad omen.

A few Facts on these mysterious creature

How smart are thestrals?

Thestrals were social creatures who lived in herds. Professor Rubeus Hagrid stated that they were "dead clever". In fact, trained Thestrals were smart enough to understand their rider's words when they ask to travel to a specific location.

Can everyone see a thestral?

Not everyone can see this infamouse creature, only people who have witnessed death right in fron of there eyes can see this creature

Not going to lie this question indeed popped in my mind, Is there something called a Thestral patronus?

Belive me there is something called a thestral patronus, This patronus is extremely rare and can be found in all houses but most common is Hufflepuff,Those with the Thestral patronus are gentle at heart and kind to those around them. ...

How did the thrstral look like?

the wizards who were capable of seeing them often only described these creatures as being sinister and spooky. This was because they were seen as having big, bony figures and their dragon-like faces which bore white, glittering eyes that lacked both expression and pupils. Additionally, they were lured by the scent of blood

How did Thestral behave ?

These magical creatures could be found in dark environments and the forest was their natural habitat. They communicate with each other through a shrill and strange shriek that resembled some sort of monstrous bird

Interaction with humans

Thestrals could be domesticated and mounted, so they were used as an alternative to brooms, Apparition, and other methods of transportation. Once trained, they were very diligent and would quickly carry their owners wherever they wish to go. However, travel by Thestral was technically illegal, as it was a breach of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy


The name thestral comes from the archaic English word thester, meaning "dark" or "gloomy", and the suffix -al, meaning "of or pertaining to". Together, the name ultimately means "of/pertaining to the dark" or "to gloom."

That is it for todays Blog, I wanted to share a fact on these creatures that I found really interesting

The Thestral tail hair was a powerful and tricky substance that could be mastered only by a witch or wizard capable of facing death. It should be noted that this substance could be used as a core in a wand's conception and it was used to create the most powerful wand known by wizards, the Elder Wand

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