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Hello! Welcome to my first ever blog so don’t be mad if I mess this up. I’m super excited to announce that I’m bringing back “I Can See Color” previously written by Carina Scamander and Yami Amaya. For those of you who don’t remember or have never read “I Can See Color”, in this blog I interview a wonderful member of our WoP Staff, asking them questions about their job. So, let’s get to it.


This week, I interviewed one of our lovely prefects, Nimue McCloud. Ms. McCloud has been a Slytherin Prefect for almost an IRL year. That’s a long time! Before we start the interview, I just want to give a shoutout to all of our lovely prefects for everything they do and they make sure that WoP is enjoyable and safe for everyone. Our prefects help keep WoP fun and exciting. The prefects deserve a big round of applause.*Pauses for claps* Now, let’s start the interview.


Me: Hi Nimue! I’m so glad to have you here today. I have some questions for you about your prefect job. The first one is: What’s your favorite part of being a prefect?


Nimue: My favorite part about being a prefect is getting to do all different kinds of topics with people and helping people out when they really are having a tough time. A lot of new users or even old users really lean on the ones in colors, not just prefects for support when they are having a tough time and I love helping those who need it.


Me: That’s really sweet. Prefects must be amazing, kind, caring people to do their job. I could talk about how sweet you guys are for hours, but we’d better get on with the interview. What makes being a prefect different from other staff jobs?


Nimue: Being a prefect is very different from other jobs as they tend to be the first student staff to respond to conflict in chat, there's never not anything to do and you get to always learn different things. Also when being a prefect there's always something different happening it's not always the same on a day-to-day basis. Where I have been an AT on previous alt accounts before and even my first job was on Social Media there was also a specific routine and we do have a routine for prefects but it is a lot different.


Me: That makes sense. You guys can’t plan when you’ll have conflicts, but you still have to deal with them. It must be a hard job, but our current prefects are nailing it. Every time I see one of them step in in the chat, I’m amazed by how kind and yet firm they are. It must be pretty hard to master. So, that brings us to our next question. What’s one thing you’ve learned from being a prefect?


Nimue: The one thing I've learned from being a prefect is there's never just one side when dealing with a situation or conflict on WoP which isn't often I have to. When I've had to, that's what I've learned is that there are always two sides and you have to be objective and have an open mind.


Me: That’s great life advice in general. There are always two sides. You must witness that a lot when dealing with site issues. Speaking of issues, what are some things that prefects do?


Nimue: Some things that prefects do are monitoring topics, we give friendly reminders if we see someone didn't remember to start with 3 lines or forgot one of the rules. If a topic is more than 2 months inactive we'll lock it. We often monitor chat to make sure everyone is following the rules and being safe. We have to do weekly reports each Sunday on all the topics we locked and are monitoring or have deleted. We welcome new members in chat and talk a lot ourselves. We do a lot of different things.


Me: Wow! Our prefects work so hard and have so much to do to help the site experience be better for us! They really are extraordinary. We need more of them in real life. Or, at least on WoP. Maybe you can even become one. Lastly, why did you apply to be a prefect, and what’s some advice you’d give to someone applying?


Nimue: I applied to be a prefect because I had been on the SoMe first for such a long time on a different account then I was an AT on that same previous account and I really wanted to do more and I felt the job of the prefects that I was seeing on chat mostly lined up with what I wanted to do more I saw them being super helpful to people and kind, and everyone always went to them and even as SoMe I was always offering to help newcomers and I wanted to be in a job where I could do more of that. The piece of advice I would give to anybody applying for prefect is to make sure it's not because you want power over people because that's not going to make you a good prefect, I did it cause I wanted to help people and have fun and having fun or helping people should be the main motivation. Also, make sure you have the time to hold an In-game job and make sure you read the rules and guidelines as a refresher every once in a while in case they start to update them because sometimes the rules you thought were one time will no longer be the same and something different and it's always good to get a refresher yourself so your guiding others in the right direction. Thanks for having me!


Me: That’s great advice that you should keep in mind when applying to any IG job. Thank you for being here today and telling us about your job Nimue!


So there you have it. An inside view to being a prefect. They certainly do a lot to keep the site fun and safe for everyone. Our prefects deserve all the appreciation we can give to them. So please listen and respect them. Maybe even leave a comment full of prefect appreciation. One last round of applause for Nimue and the prefects.


Now that I have your attention, I’d like to say that if you want a prefect job, go to the homepage and see which ones are open. If you see that there’s a prefect spot open for your house, go to the club's page and click on the prefect's team club to find out how to apply.


Here are all the jobs that we have on WoP (keep in mind that not all of them are open for applications right now):

Minister of Magic


Head of House

Team Leader


Teacher (Graduate)

Chief Editor




Library Team

Plot Team

Backstory Team

SoMe Team


If you’re interested in an IG job, any of these could be a good option for you. So, go to the club page and apply!


Since this is a bi-weekly blog, it happens every two weeks. I’ll do a different job each week. If you’re interested in an interview or reading about a specific job, please owl me (Skyler Midleus) or write your suggestion in the comments below. If I reach out to you for an interview, you have 3 days to respond or I’ll automatically think you’re not interested and have to choose someone else. Thank you for reading and make sure to tune into our next issue.

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