Hello students and staff of Hogwarts! As you can probably already tell from the title, I am bringing the Gossip Blog back! I am excited to bring the Gossip Blog to World of Potter. 


Before we get started, let me just mention the rules of the Gossip Blog! 


New Graduated Staff!

As you all know, we have a new Graduated Staff member! Stephen Evans was recently promoted to Plot Team Leader after his work as an Assistant Teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Shortly after his promotion, Staff and Students all over Hogwarts tried to pair him up in a ship. Who will Stephen be shipped with? Will there be a new ship in the halls of Hogwarts anytime soon? Who do you think Stephen should be shipped with? 




A few days ago, second year Alexia Winter and first year Jagger King were seen flirting in the Great Hall. Many stuents thought they would make a cute couple. They weren't holding back either. The compliments and comments were out for everyone to hear. What do you think, do Alexia and Jagger make a cute couple? Would you like to see their relationship progress?




Very recently, students Rose Knight and Tegan Lynch were seen flirting in the Great Hall. Everything from holding hands, hugs, and cute compliments were seen and heard. Has this ship already set sail and just come to our attention? Do you think Rose and Tegan make a cute couple? 




We've seen enough of potential ships! What about ships that have sailed? #Jailey the ship between Professor Ailey Saunders and Professor Jasper Gray is beginning to spark in new ways. Jasper has been seen hinting at PROPOSAL to his beloved Ailey. Jasper and Ailey are already an adorable couple, can you imagine them as a married couple? So cute! Are you excited for this potential proposal?