The Moon In The Suitcase

By Topaz Mortimer

Newt had set the bucket down and looked around, giving all the animals habitats one last check as he climbed up the ladder. As he pushed open the lid, he froze at the students he had to teach today. Pickett landed on his shoulder, taking Newtʻs attention from his students to the Bowtruckle. Newt clambered outside of the case the rest of the way and kneeled over, locking the case so the creatures who had found the case their home wouldnʻt escape. He didnʻt want a repeat of New York. After he secured the lock in place, he stood back up and turned to see his students had still watched him.

"Good morning." He greeted, avoiding the studentsʻ in the eyes.

A few students greeted him back, but many of the students stared at him in slight shock. It took a couple seconds until he realized they werenʻt looking at him in shock and were instead staring at Pickett. Newt turned his head to see Pickett was still on his shoulder.

"Pickett." Newt sighed.

With a raised hand, he coaxed the Bowtruckle to his hand, which Pickett accepted.

"You wonʻt be learning about Bowtruckles until your fifth year." Newt started to explain. "Early exposure wouldnʻt hurt, though."

He moved his hands towards the kids. They all stared at Pickett in wonder. After letting the kids look at Pickett, he returned him back to his shoulder and started his lesson. The class ended and Newt brought the kids back to the castle so they could go to their next class. Newt started back towards where he held his lesson to find his suitcase was still where he had it. As he got closer, he slowed down when he noticed the latch was open. Kneeling down, he lifted the lid and climbed down the ladder a little bit to close the lid. Climbing down the ladder the rest of the way, he turned to find the door that led to the habitats open. He moved through the door and let his eyes scan the open area. Confusion ran through him, so he made his way all the different habitats. When he reached the Mooncalf habitat he noticed a little girl surrounded by them.

"Excuse me?" He questioned.

The dirty blonde haired girl spun around, looking at Newt with an excited expression.

"You have Mooncalf?

Before Newt could say anything the girl spun back to the creatures. Newt stood there in silence, trying to figure out what to do. He watched, stunned, as the girl moved further into the habitat, the Mooncalf following her with as others joining. She spun to face Newt again.

"Do you believe in Nargles?"

Newt continued to stand there in disbelief.

"I do." She chirped. "I also believe in Crumple-Horned Snorkbacks."

"Whatʻs your name?" Newt managed to ask.

The girl looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Luna Lovegood."

Newt hesitated as he moved closer to Luna and bent down next to her. As he settled, Pickett jumped from his shoulder and on Lunaʻs shoulder. Lunaʻs eyes widened. Newt went to speak but a Mooncalf interrupted him when it approached the two of them.

"Want to feed one?" Newt asked.

She nodded, her eyes lighting up at the idea. Newt led her towards the food for them and the two of them returned with food. He showed her how to feed them and she started walking the habitat feeding any of the Mooncalf she saw. Taking this time, he watched as she looked in awe a the creatures. It was how he used to look at things when he was younger. She reminded him of himself, and he didnʻt know how to feel.

"We should get you back." Newt said, breaking the silence.

Without objection Luna walked over to Newt and held the bucket of food towards him. Newt took it and the two of them walked to the ladder to leave. Luna started up the ladder and Newt put the bucket down and followed after her. After the two of them were outside of the case, Newt turned, secured the latch, and picked it up. Newt, with his case, and Luna, who had a smile and a Bowtruckle on her shoulder, made their way back to the school. At the entrance Luna turned to the professor. He noticed Pickett was on the back of her hand when she raised it towards him.

"Thank you Professor Scamander." She beamed.

Newt held his hand towards them and Pickett climbed back to his hand. He moved Pickett to his shoulder and looked back at Luna. Without another word she disappeared, leaving Newt standing there. Another professor brought his attention from the girl, but for a moment he hoped that the third year Care of Magical Creatures student would continue believing in Nargles and Crumple-Horned Snorkbacks and anything else she believed in.