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Part 2 of the Westward Expansion Script! Did you all enjoy the last part? Well, this part is really funny and probably the best to film. Have you dug deep into American History? Oh, please do!

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(scene changes, Killi is talking to a boy a bit older than her)


Elliot: My parents let me do whatever I want. Do your parents let you?


Kili: Heavens no! You must have horrible parents. Would you like to come to my wagon to read from the bible?


Elliot: That wretched thing? Nah, but I can teach you to spit!


KIli: To spit? Oh, teach me please!


(Elliot shows how to spit)


KIli: My parents would lock me in a dungeon if they learned I could spit. Tell me more, what else can I learn that my parents would lock me in a dungeon?


Elliot: Getting rebellious, are we? When insulting someone, you could call them a ....., or a ....


Kili: AH NO! I’ve heard enough!!! Tell me about the war! The... mexican war was it? It started a year ago?


Elliot: Well, I’ll tell you all the gory details (scene changes ten minutes later, Kili is quivering in fear and almost in tears) And don’t forget the curse words!!


Alexys: YOUNG BOY!! Get away from my daughter! I never want to see-




Alexys: Your ugly face ever again or I will whip you till you bleed!


Elliot: (scrambles away)


Kili: Mother.. What was the mexican war?


Alexys: Didn’t that boy tell you enough?


Kili: Only the bloody stuff...


Alexys: You don’t need to know about that. Let’s go, we must cleanse your mind. (scene changes)


(Kili tugs on her mothers skirt, mother shoos her away, Kili folds arms and pouts, then tugs again, mother sighs and turns around)


Alexys: Yes?


KIli: What was the louisiana purchase?


Alexys: Oh, my little scholar, I really don’t have time, I need to prepare dinner.


Kili: I need to know!


Alexys: Are you talking back to me?


Kili: No, ma’am. (looks downwards, then looks up with puppy dog eyes) Mother, what was the louisiana purchase?


Alexys: (Sighs) Talk to your father.


(scene changes)


Elliot: The purchase? Well, it’s what made our country! It cost little money and doubled the size of the US.


KIli: How much money was it?


Elliot: No need to worry about money, but if you really must know it was 15 million. That was a very good deal for how much land we received.


Kili: Thank you, pa for telling me! (scene fades)


(“five months of travelling later”)


KIli: Oregon oregon oregon!!!


Elliot: Yes, we have arrived! Your aunt and uncle are expecting us so we better hurry.


Alexys: This is our new life! Our home will be a log cabin by a river and my garden-


Kili: Your garden? Mother, you said it could be my garden!


Alexys: Ah, yes, your garden. And your father will build us-


Elliot: You? I build you two something? No, it will be for all of us.


KIli: I will help build the stable! I will name my new foal Popper.


Alexys: What an interesting name.


Elliot: For such an interesting place.


KIli: And an interesting life. I like Oregon. I’ve learned so much on our travel here, maybe I will build a school in oregon! (Bloopers at end)


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