Signs He likes You





We all know that frustration when we first are starting to like a guy and we are just going back and forth in our heads whether he likes us back or not. Should I approach him? Do I wait till he comes to me? What if I'm misreading things?

The truth is guys don't overthink this nearly as much as girls do. They get nervous and may not know the best way to go about telling you if they like you or not but they aren't overthinking on who should approach who first. And we girls often sabatoge ourselves before things can get any further because of our nerves.

Let's get to some signs! That way there's no need for any of these nerves.
  • He looks at you alot
  • He's protective over you
  • He Remembers small details of conversations you've had
  • He will ask you if you have a boyfriend already
  • He'll find any excuse to slightly be touching you whether it's with his arm or sitting really close to you
  • He automatically gets mad at the people your mad at
  • He'll go out of the way to be in the same place as you (In a school setting if this is somewhere else where he can't possibly know it's creepy)
  • He stutters or is awkward around you only
  • He's overconfident in front of you around his friends
  • He'll help you anyway he can
  • He'll text you back quickly
  • He'll Playfully tease you
    Some more advice

    Sometimes if none of these signs are obvious most of the time it will mean he doesn't have feelings for you but if you really are curious and it's still running in your mind you can go up to him and ask it could make things awkward for a while if he doens't like you back but it's better to know than stay hung up on a guy who doesn't feel the same way.

    Try not to get carried away in only these things there are alot of other signs that guys show that they like you.

    Remember don't give up if they don't like you back it's not the end of the world and they don't know what they are missing out on if they don't!

    Last piece of advice I have for you is If you are told they don't have feelings for you don't keep pushing at it take what they say and if you need a day to cry about it take a day and then start moving on there are plenty of other people.

    Hopefully these 12 signs help you out just a little bit more.

    WRITTEN BY: Emery Levine
Coded by Pumpkinspicekingcodes