Welcome to this weeks Gossip Blog. This week, we have quite the range of emotions. I would like to give a huge shout out to OPHELIA SAVAGE for helping with this weeks Gossip Blog. She wrote up another bit of Gossip I know you will enjoy.


Before we get started, let me just mention the rules of the Gossip Blog! 


You all remember the heart breaking break-up between Hunter Witherwings and Echo Sayre. This is a follow up on the events that happened. Hunter, on the other hands, went missing from the commons room for a good week after catching the mysterious ‘Z-Virus’. He only made a few brief appearances with 3 separate girls. Looks like Charming is back at it again. First, he was spotted making a mess in the kitchen with Slytherin Sweetheart, Bianca Malfoy, then he moved on to the prankster runt who glitter bombed Casimir’s office, Ophelia Savage, before finally settling his charming ways on his best friend, Eliza Peter. The two were initially spotted having a picnic by the lake, a glimmer of adoration in Eliza’s eyes, though she has denied such a look by saying it must have been dust. Dust doesn’t fool my love-senses once they’re tingling. That night, the two snakes were spotted having a banter in the commons room. Eliza’s sleepy rambles shedding sober thoughts onto her true feelings that she for Hunter, though she still has no recollection of what she told us. Hunter left abruptly leaving a kiss on Eliza’s cheek, which wasn’t good enough for her. She complained all night and all day that she clearly wanted more than just a kiss on the cheek, even hinted that she might very well be in ‘love’ with him. The cards seem to have picked the ‘Lovers’ for these to, but will they play them or reshuffle the deck?





You all know Phoebe Blackheart and Dayel Zelenko are a couple that has been with us for a very long time. #Zelheart is a favorite amongst a lot of people. A little while back, Dayel and Phoebe were seen in the Great Hall acting adorable as always. People then started to notice that they brought up the topic of marriage. With all eyes on them, Dayel asked Phoebe if she wanted to marry him. With no hesitation, Phoebe said YES! #Zelheart is engaged and we couldn't be more excited for the wedding. 



A new HoH and Ship! 

As many of you know, we have a new Head of House for Hufflepuff. Alistair Harkness is the new Head of House for the beloved Hufflepuff house. He's caught the attention of the Divination teacher, Azrael Rasmus. They have been seen kissing and being cute in the Great Hall. They make such a cute couple and I think we are all excited to see how their relationship progresses.