I Can See In Colour

Today we will be talking about the job very well known around this site, the professors! Today I have a special guest, a teacher here at Hogwarts, Professor Kylan Reynolds, formerly known as Rico Riddle.

SoMe: What does being a professor mean and what exactly do the teachers do to help WoP?

Kylan: Well, in my personal opinion, we write lessons that make the site more fun and interesting. Without classes, there wouldn't be a whole ton of stuff to do. Plus, It's really fun to get to put your own personal touch on the class you create via your lessons!

SoMe: Thats amazing! The lessons are a big part of the fun of WoP.

SoMe: Why did you apply to be a teacher?

Kylan: I applied to be a teacher because I had already been an AT for 9 months at that point and I figured it was time to apply my knowledge from being an AT into being a Professor!

SoMe: That truly is a long time being an AT, and it really payed off, given that you are a wonderful teacher!

SoMe: Third question! What are some perks of being a teacher?

Kylan: The biggest perk is being able to be a part of an amazing grad staff team. Truly, everyone on the grad staff is hilarious and makes every day an interesting one. On top of that, another perk is being able to have and mentor my very own ATs. It's honestly pretty cool.

SoMe: Mentoring AT's does sound pretty great, and the grad staff does have some of the best people in it!

SoMe: What’s your least favorite part about being a teacher? If there is none, that's okay!

Kylan: Dealing with troublemakers in chat, I'd have to say that's a really hard thing to deal with sometimes

SoMe: Ooh yes, that does sound difficult. Anyways, onto the final question!

SoMe: What’s your absolute favorite part of being a teacher?

Kylan My absolute favorite part of being a teacher is creating lessons. They're a fun way to express myself about a fandom that I love.

SoMe: The lessons are so very fun. Thank you for this lovely interview, Professor!

That's it on this article of "I Can See In Colour" for the Professors! Perhaps any grads out there could try it out once a spot opens up?

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