Vin's Victorious- Volume 1
in this blog, you will learn about more users you may have seen around in maybe a new light!

- From : Vin'nyla Adrienne

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Adalia Black

Adalia Black EEEEK you did it Vin!! This was such an amazing blog! I loved getting to know more about you, Venus, and the questions and answers were awesome! I am seriously so proud of you Vin, and I can't wait to see more of your incredible blogs! It's such a genius idea, and I absolutely LOVE the blog name! *chef's-kiss* Oooh quests sound awesome, and horses are honestly the best!! (go do your research :p -> BELUGAAAAA ♥♥

Gianna Whitlock

Gianna Whitlock oh i love this ideaa vin! awesome getting to know you better ven :0 beluga whales are so cute :sob:

Ingrid Potter

Ingrid Potter I love this!! And 4 is too many times to dye your hair- but anyways, BELUGA! (Do you mean the cat?:eyes:)

Ayana Akari

Ayana Akari I LOVE and Vennnn so happy to hear more about your story! u.u Belugaaaaa

Ivy Ryung

Ivy Ryung THIS IS FABULOUS VIN! And VEN. LOVE YOU VENVEN x everywhere x infinity. AHEM anyway, beluga AND I can’t wait for the next edition! This was wonderfullll :3

Olive Bringhurst

Olive Bringhurst VIN I LOVE THIS SO MUCH (I mean also who doesn’t love beluga whales??) I loved learning more about you ma’am Ven too :3 your gifs are mwah and I’ll go on a quest with you anytime (man, imagine olive and ven bantering sob) :3 ANYWHO VIN pls I enjoyed reading this article so much, the q’s you asked were mwah, the commentary was mwah overall mwah. so so excited for the next edition(s)!!

Crystal McCoyle

Crystal McCoyle I FOUND ONE WHERE'S MY MILLION BUCKS?! HELLO ALL and welcome to the firt edition FIRT

Crystal McCoyle

Crystal McCoyle Ohh this was great vin vin!

Christina Alonso

Christina Alonso Amazing job sis! Keep it up I can’t wait to see what you have in mind. Also what is a Beluga? BELUGA!!! Who cares what it means at least it sounds fun

Xander Stinson

Xander Stinson just a random fact about me. BELUGA 's are my favorite creatures

Venus Magnolis

Venus Magnolis This interview was super fun to do, tysm for having me, Vin! ❤️ Amazing blog, the amount of love I have for both it and you is the size of a beluga whale :0

Reza Firouzja

Reza Firouzja BELUGA! Holy sh--- this is great! I hope to be featured or anybody in WOP tho!

Veronica Monroe

Veronica Monroe BELUGA - also lovely blog Vin! :D

Selena Scamander

Selena Scamander GREAT JOB VINNN THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! so is a beluga ;) <3 keep it up!!!!!!!

Hayden Monroe

Hayden Monroe I don't know what beluga is but BELUGA! Also great interview! I loved the questions, and great answers too Ven! Great work Vin!

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