Zodiac Academy - Leo
Ever wondered what it would be like if Zodiac Signs attended Hogwarts? What houses would they be in? Which classes would they be the best at? Who would be their best friends? Read ahead to find out!

- From : Ingrid Potter

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Prisha Redhood

Prisha Redhood GEMINI NEXT

Emma Roy

Emma Roy As a Leo, this gave me the attention i wanted. Thanks

Harriet Bythesea

Harriet Bythesea Great job! Wren is a Leo IG ;D

Skyler Midleus

Skyler Midleus Amazing job! I'm a Gemini (hint, hint)

Banned user

Banned user I am an Aries so that be interesting to Read indeed

Crimson Anderson

Crimson Anderson Such a fun article to read, can’t wait dor the Aries one ;) Great job!

raven olsi

raven olsi Ingrid!! amazing blog! I am a Leo and a slytherin xD , but keep up the good work!

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