Muggle Harry Potter Crafts Vol 3
Do You Love Butterbeer? do you like the way it tastes, well if you do then look no further than this blog, I do hope you enjoy it!

- From : Bella Shelby

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Banned user

Banned user Oooo, I like it! I've done this before and it is AMAZING!! This is such a cool blog Bella!

Lunar Wolfbane

Lunar Wolfbane Definitely trying this. ‘Cuz mmmmmmm. Butterbeer…

raven olsi

raven olsi ooh really creative Bells! I am def trying this

Alaina Ramirez

Alaina Ramirez Butterbeer lip balm sounds really interesting!

Garrick Fulton

Garrick Fulton Extremely well written article. personally not a fan of lip balm unless my lips get chapped but was interesting to read Bella.

Ophelia Parker

Ophelia Parker oo i love this! that actually sounds very helpful and nice in general haha i can make it for my sibling

Ocean Albino

Ocean Albino Oh looks good i cant wait to make it for some of my friends and im sure i will make it at some point

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