Snow Battle like a Heads of House Battle !?
When the four HoH have a snowball fight feather fly !?

- From : Anya Venenum

        The break down of the SNOW-BRAWL !!! 

If you are JUST getting here you are missing out there was a Noth Pole beat down today. Your very own HoH had a battle in the snow and i'm here to break it down for you the good and the bad


Kaion started the matches then out of no where he got a letter form an Owl and had run. ( Wounder what all that was about dark wizards maybe ? )  Well Darth then ran the next few matches that was until he got struk with the rumble form down under. We have never seen the Ex Auror Leader run so fast to the bathroom Leaving Anya to ref the rest of the matches. Though she was given the job out of the blue with only a few slip ups the matches went on fine, 



                 Aske Stark THE PUFF KING. 4th

                                             The Good 

1) Aske started off the event with the 1st point ! 

2) He also started out with sass. 


Image result for malfoy hit with snowball                                            The Bad 

1) He had fish falling from his nose ! (from Adrianna ) 

2) Santa gave him a nutcracker ! ( Sharp ice ball to the jingle balls ) 

3) He could only Honk for half a match. (from Adrianna ) 

4) He shot fire at Ivy when she was not even in the match.

5) He got an ice javelin to the face. (from Santa ) 



                  Ivy Gray THE QUEEN LION. 3ed


                                          The Good 

1) Ivy got one of the best shots in on Santa (Jacob ) she made the big man fall on his booty hard. 

2) Ivy also have the Big man a nice shot to the jingle bells causing him to kneel over in pain. 

3) Don`t think that Ivy only got Jacob no she made Adrianna fall over with laughter. 


                   Image result for goose gif in snow

                                    The Bad 


 1) Ive leader of the Lions got turned into a Goose. ( Adrianna ) 

 2) She bit Adrianna as a Goose. 

 3) "She stuck her middle finger up at him and smiled sweetly ' Mama Lion seemed to be holding back.

 4) She had to sing as a Goose ! ( Adrianna ) 





        Adrianna Ryland THE RAVEN QUEEN 2nd


                                                  The Good 

1) She made Aske Honk like horn.

2) Won the 1st match of the day. ( V.S Aska ) 

3) She cast "Cantis" The idea of a singing goose just seemed completely hilarious and it truly was

4) Her sass was on point !  "Oh honey, I don't need luck."  ( Jacob ) 

5) She used Anteoculatia turning Santa into his own Rudolph. 

6) She also turned Santa into a Goose with Horns. 




                          Image result for olaf frozen impaled gif


                                                 The Bad


1)  She started laughing hysterically in more then one duel. ( all of them ) 

2)  She was impaled by icicles so many times shes now a pincushion. ( Jacob ) 

3)  Sadly she was more comedy gold. If Mama would have come to kick ass we might have had another winner on our hands. 





 Jacob Grabowski THE MAMA SNAKE ( SANTA ) 1st

                                                    The Good 

1) He showed up in Santa style rocking the sleigh and Jolly Ho Ho Ho ! 

2) He made a snow javelin with a blunt icy tip. ( At Aske ) 

3) He was throwing ice balls like a Jolly old soul. ( All matches ) 

4) He sent a sharp ice ball into Aske`s nuts that "Nutcracker " was a nice shot. 

5) Made a little snow kitten (Secretly charmed to explode into jagged ice shards on contact) (At Ivy )

6) He threw sea urchin like snowballs ( At Ivy ) 

7) He won as a Goose ! ( We dont know how  )




                                                   The Bad

1) The Kitten he made was a bust and did nothign but sit there and look cute. ( Ivy )

2)  He was hit dead in the face with a snow grenade and fell backward on his ass ( Ivy ) 

3) He keeled over from the nut shot and sat there in extreme pain for a good minute or two. ( Ivy ) 

4) He got a rather nice set of antlers.(  Adrianna ) 

5) He got turned into a Goose wih antlers !  ( Adrianna ) 

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Adrianna Williams

Adrianna Williams BAD GEESE

Ivy Gray

Ivy Gray I love how the majority of Jacob's bad things were with me and my good things were at Jacob xD Though, biting Adrianna should definitely be a good thing ;)

Casimir Prewitt

Casimir Prewitt All these geese... How beautiful. How magnificent.

Aneesa Bellview

Aneesa Bellview XD XD XD It was interesting to watch.

Jacob Grabowski

Jacob Grabowski I have quite the hefty list!

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