Life As A Student - Volume 3
I decided to interview Izzy Chang as she had asked me if she could be one that was interviewed for the student blog and I had said that I needed to interview for someone this week so it worked out perfect and Izzy gave some really great answers and insight on what she plans to do as the years go on. Thank you Izzy!

- From : Crystella Desurra


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Emma: What year are you?

Izzy: I am currently in year 4, 14 years old in Hufflepuff. Go Hufflepuff!

Emma: What's your favorite class?

Izzy: My favorite class is Charms class. I like that class, because I really enjoy learning and practicing the various charms taught in the class, its a really fun class that I think everyone, from year 1 to 7, should definitely try out.

Emma: What is your least favorite class?

Izzy: Honestly, I do not have a least favorite class, as I try to treat them equally and with respect. But overall, I would say SoAR, music, MLaT and Astronomy are the most challenging.

Emma: How has your WoP school year been going?

Izzy: My school year has been going well so far. I am less active, however, but I still did earn a couple of points for Hufflepuff. I am trying to keep up with my topics and staying friendly, that's all.

Emma: What was your favorite part about being an AT when you were one?

Izzy: My favorite part was that there was lots to talk about, more to learn about DADA and most of all, more homework to grade! It helped me learn how to grade with more accuracy and to spread the load evenly among ourselves.

Emma: Why did you decide to step down from being an AT?

Izzy: I decided to step down as an AT because irl business was an issue at that time.

Emma: Do you plan to stay on WoP?

Izzy: Of course, I plan to stay on WoP. Already, I have made it to level 105 already, and I have lots of friends, and it's became a friendly environment for me.

Emma: What are your plans after you graduate?

Izzy: After I graduate, I will most likely be looking for a grad job now. For example, an Arithmancer would be an ideal job.

Emma: Are you applying for any other jobs?

Izzy: I am applying for the Library team.

Emma: Who has been the most helpful to you over your WoP years?

Izzy: I would say, my second friend on this site, Ellie Tsao would be the most helpful. She is a kind and welcoming person that lead me through the beginning stages of WoP.

Emma: Is there anything you personally would like to add?

Izzy: Well, I really enjoy writing homework and talking with my friends on here. Also, some other people that helped me a lot were Lindsey Lovelace and Chloe Cavieri, who helped me make lots of decisions. And in addition, our fellow Ravenclaw prefect Autumn Reubens did guide me through quite a lot of rules, even though I wouldn't say we are best friends yet.




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Mina Jhonson To answer your question Emma, I'm 1st year.

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Amabelle Santoro Yess Izzy! :D

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Henretta Potter Go Izzy!

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Scarlett Joyce Go Izzy!

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Izzy Chang Yay! Thx Emma! <3

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