Spell of the Week!
Time to learn about Curses!

- From : Mykal Stonewell

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Remin Talos

Remin Talos I would love to use this on muggle poachers.

Leta Scamander

Leta Scamander Now that’s my kind of curse!

Shinlei Lei

Shinlei Lei Sectumsempra!

Anastasia Schild

Anastasia Schild Why is that a a bad spell...IT'S A HORRIBLE SPELL!!!

Jethro Gibbs

Jethro Gibbs The person who invented this dark spell or curse is the one and only Severus Snape

Melody Santos

Melody Santos I definitely want to avoid this spell at all costs. I hope I never have to use it!

Emanual Lynly

Emanual Lynly A dark spell indeed, great coverage on it's use and the dangers in using it!

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