Fall Festivities Recap and Rumors
Did you miss out on the Fall Festivities? Not to worry! We'll sum it up for you!

- From : Melody Santos

Hey hey hey all you lovely WoP users!


As October and November fly to an end and the last leaf on the tree falls we are here to give you a recap of all the wonderful and mysterious happenings of ours fall festivities!


Just your normal everyday routine?  I think not. Some student has played a trick on you,  who knows? No one may ever know, but everywhere you look now students have been tricking or treating their classmates. Teachers too joining in on the fun,  did you see anyone? With canary creams and fainting fancies all the way to zonko’s screaming yo-yo’s along with exploding snap, students have found many tricks,  but what about treats? Ever wanted to give your friend some candy lollipops or treacle fudge? Just buy the whole cart like Harry does.



Now that's not all,  but look see here, some fantastic Halloween cheer,  joined by all the students as they ventured into the shrieking shack,  wondering who would pop out at them next. Deeper and deeper they went,  wondering when the tour would end. Flying toothed books and talk of horcruxes certainly made for a halloween scare.  Out the students ran, non all too slow surviving any traps and tricks that lay below.



But here,  once more, no one would let the students get bored. A headless hunt to help dear Podmore while he lays in bed. The students are looking both high and low,  bet one has found it with the clues provided before.


What a week to remember!  All the fall festivities and now they are done; don't pout nor frown for there is always more!  Who ever said you couldn't prank on normal days instead. Set a hunt up for your friends? Don't worry!  You can say goodbye for now, but Halloween will always fall behind you, wherever you go, don't look back for fear you might see a blood sucking bat.  Until next fall, when the last leaf shall fall.



But the festivities didn’t end there. For they continued into the month of November. But not with scares and candy but with baking! An old tradition that brought lots of joy and happiness to a holiday most known- Thanksgiving. The smell of turkey filled the Hogwarts castle for the entire month of November. People big and small baked to their hearts delight in hopes to impress those around them with their baking skills. Let us just say that Hogwarts was not in need of turkey for their Thanksgiving feast.



After the feast and the turkey brought more fun and joy for a scavenger hunt was afoot. Fifteen special leaves were hidden across Hogwarts for everyone to find. A special prize was set for those who found all fifteen in one day! Did you win the special prizes? Did you manage to find all fifteen leaves?



Many exciting things in just two months! You might think, it can’t get any better, but can it? I’ve heard rumors of a seer roaming these halls. Is that you? Are you that seer?

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Flear Delacour

Flear Delacour Yes, I will be that seer! Hopefully... ☺️

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