Amazing Creatures of Magic
Ever wondered about the different creatures of magic? well, in this blog, I will be selecting a creature and highlighting them for the week. Everything worthing knowing about this creature should be in this blog.

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Arizona Blackwood

Arizona Blackwood thats dope

Katie Slytherin

Katie Slytherin Amazing !

Misty Larnoch

Misty Larnoch Fantastic article! I love it!

Pirro Desmon

Pirro Desmon Thestrals are so damn cool.

Hestia Fox

Hestia Fox awwww its so cute!!!

Luna Tenebris

Luna Tenebris Thestrals are gorgeous! My favourite creatures, they are.

Isla Brisbane

Isla Brisbane This ... is beautiful :')

Vanessa Robertson

Vanessa Robertson Only for wizards capable of facing death.... All of us are capable, but whether or not we can psychologically thrive afterwards is the real question. Thestrals are such beautiful creatures, even though they are not so physically beautiful; there is a solemnity about them that I find irresistibly fascinating. Thank you for the article, for those who don't know about them. :)

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