Holiday Excitement and Memories!
We all adore the school holidays, so let's take a look at what others enjoy doing in their holidays!

- From : Melody Santos

It’s slowly...very slowly...coming to the end of the Hogwarts Year...which means SUMMER BREAK (Or even just a break in between)! Now isn’t that exciting? Of course it is!

So I know I’m super excited for this summer break and I’m sure a lot of you guys are too.
I’ve decided to ask a few students and staff members about what their favourite part of the holidays are and what their favourite memories are. 



“I love spending time with my wonderful family and other loved ones (especially my adorable boyfriend). I don't really have a favorite memory. I just love the magic of the season and the fact that anything can happen.”

Aw that’s really sweet of you to say *tries not to blush so I can act professional* 

I agree though, summer can be a very memorable season and it is of course magical! *Throws glitter around*

“So far I've enjoyed the valentines competition. Mainly I love the spring when the Cherry Blossoms bloom which is why I like the valentine holiday since it is in the Spring season. My favorite memory so far at Hogwarts was the Christmas Celebration in the common room where people got to enjoy themselves and throw snowballs while others (myself included)Ye avoided getting pelted by standing next to the food. “

Valentines?! Christmas?! Oh boy! So many holidays, but I’m certainly getting the holiday spirit! The spring most certainly is one of the most prettiest seasons all year! Oooh snowball fights, that does sound fun, I take it you got hit a few times? ;) Oh but food, now that sounds spectacular!



“My favorite thing to do seems basic but true, spending time with friends and my family. I am also a giver and like to give presents to my closest friends and family, since chocolate frogs and the wizard cards are highly popular i intend to do that this year. Hmm, a favorite memory. I am sorry to say I don't have one but since I lack this I shall try to make better memories this holiday year.”

There is nothing wrong with basic, right? Not from the last time I checked my um...calendar...which may have been a while back…*panics* BUT THAT’S BEYOND THE POINT. That’s really sweet that you like to give presents. But yes chocolate frogs and wizard cards most certainly are popular this year *mumbles* Thanks Valentine, and no I’m not talking about Valentine's day. There is always room for memories!

“My favorite thing to do would be flying. I've always like playing quidditch, aspiring to be a professional quidditch player during my Hogwarts years. But for the winter holidays, I like to curl up with a blanket and sit reading by the fireplace. My absolute favorite memory would have to be my first annual snowball fight with my best friend, Mykal. It started out as just jokingly throwing snowballs at each other. But then, we both got extremely competitive, trying to win. Neither of us actually ever won these snowball fights, but we had loads of fun. Now it's something we look forward to every winter!”

Flying? Oh yesss, I love flying! Unless it’s into walls, then not so much, but I totally haven’t done that before *Whistles innocently* I’m sure you are fabulous at quidditch! Oh another snowball fight? These seem quite popular, maybe one day I’ll be daring enough to go outside in the cold, but for now the blankets and fireplace sounds like a good idea.



“My all time favorite thing to do is read. I could read almost anything all the time. But I also love to sleep. When ever I am bored oh well I might as well take a nap. A favorite memory of mine would have to be when me and my parents went up to the beach. It is not at all a recent one but it is my most cherished. It was simply a walk down the beach with ice cream. “

Reading? Hmmm interesting, anything good? Oh yes, sleeping is a great thing....which I totally do *insert angel emoji here* Aw that is a really sweet ice cre- I mean memory! The beach really is a wonderful place to be, especially in the summer!

“I love to go travelling. I am currently on my honeymoon with my now wife, so how you gotta hold of me is a miracle! My favourite Hogwarts memory was the year I went home between year 6 and 7. I had just turned 16 that year so my father allowed me to go wine tasting with the whole family, it's kinda like a tradition where I come from, Italy, to be exact. We spent the whole summer in the north near Trieste and went on long hikes in the mountains. It was my favourite summer. “

Ooooh traveling! That sounds excitement! A honeymoon?! That’s even more exciting, and well...romantic! Don’t get upto any nifty stuff now! Wine tasting? Yum...I mean whaaaat, does it taste good? I mean...I’ve totally never tried wine before *innocent emoji* and Italy *Finds a map, or globe, or something* I bet they had some good pizza or even spaghetti there!



Well that’s all for this blog! Get ready for the holidays because in all fairness, they really are the best!


Y’know, no homework or rowdy teachers...DON’T TELL THEM I SAID THAT!

I’d just like to thank the people that have helped me and contributed with the blog! I really enjoyed your answer! 



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Leslie Whitewell

Leslie Whitewell Oh, end of term already? *mentally face-palms* You see, THIS is what I get for always being late to things.* sigh* You show up! And the hosts are are already cleaning the table!

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Trinity Nott Beautiful job!

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Dylan Parrish Awesome(on the blog).

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SunHi Rutherford Great job on the blog!

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Aneesa Bellview Great job!!!!

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