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- From : Anya Venenum

                        WoP Gossip Weekly 

Okay, let me give you the rules of WoP Gossip Weekly.

1) You see something that HAS to be shared Owl Anya Venenum or Mykal Stonewall. (We keep all "Tips" confidential ) 

2) We are into Gossip NOT Slander. 

3) We are going to try and have gossip for each house !  

4) Can be Students or Staff 

                          By ~ Mykal ~                     

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Anonymous love slytherin 

Mattius Sanchez is not only a member of the backstory team but has darkness in eyes that takes the very breath from someone special being, the moment he is seen. At least that is what someone wrote in a valentine for him last week. Mattius was so moved by it he wanted  to kiss them. Alas the person was anonymous will this person come and show their face?? 


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Student love!! Hufflepuff 

A curtain flying AT has his eye on a prefect that is right folk Ciaran Rafferty was caught kissing Yuna Blain in the Great hall. No wonder Yuna was cheering so hard for Hufflepuff doing the Quidditch game. She was even spotted giving him a wave during it. Is a new couple forming? Speaking of new couple it was made offical that Lexa Rosewood and Korak Farshadow were made boyfriend and girlfriend during valentine's week. Here comes shipping season everyone!


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A fight for a childs heart- gryffindor

Last week Chloe Lovegood had not two but three higher-ups fighting for her. This girl is quite popular as she had Phoebe Blackheart, Dayel  Zelenko, and Arluin the "charming" charms teacher fighting to adopt her, after the Quidditch match. Dayel said that she would look lovely in blue while Phoebe stole her and ran only to be stopped by Dayel. Arluin then said "NO Chloe is my white." The only way Chole would consider another color is if she got a firebolt. It was later that night that Arluin threw adoptions papers at her. Looks like Arluin has a new daughter?

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Newly single Head of House. Ravenclaw 

Recently Adrianna Williams divorced Arrow Ryland. Arrow Ryland messed up and lost an amazing and pretty women in his life. She has walked away and not even thought about looking back. You go girl! That doesn't stop some teachers nor students from catching a side glance at her. Speaking of teachers that like her. Have you seen her and Zechariah in the Hall. Watch them people there is something going on new Ship maybe? ( We Ship it ! ) 




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Aske Stark

Aske Stark I ship Adria and zech!!

Alexandria Chavez

Alexandria Chavez Very nice!

Kayte Savant

Kayte Savant Great job Mykal! I love it!! <3

Chloe Lovegood

Chloe Lovegood Amazing article! Continue to fight for me!

Scarlet Blue

Scarlet Blue wow this blog was created so well! One of the best I've seen! Great job!!!

Emanual Lynly

Emanual Lynly I'm still very curious about Mattius' Valentine!

Iris Ellwood

Iris Ellwood Fantastic job Mykal! Amazing article and I love all the juicy gossip!

Anya Venenum

Anya Venenum Her 1st blog and it is AMAZING !!!!!!

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