Your Tarot Card Reading: Year 9 Week 3
Trick or Treat! If you want a scare for Halloween, then read your tarot horoscope in this edition of Your Tarot Card Reading. Because nothing is scarier than the unknown future.

- From : Hannah Windsor

Your Tarot Card Reading

Year 9 Week 3

Happy Halloween! Hope you all had a wonderful start to the new school year. In the lighthearted spirit of this past IG month and the IRL month, I will be using the Halloween deck to make next week’s predictions. What makes this Halloween deck so fun is that the four Minor Arcana are renamed to make it more Halloween themed! [Imps(Wands), Ghosts(Cups), Bats(Swords), Pumpkins(Coins)]

Halloween Tarot Deck

All tarot readings will be split up into the four houses so scroll down to the tablecloth(background image) of your house to see your respective predictions. As I make my predictions, please keep in mind that these are only predictions, not actuality. Treat these predictions as pieces of advice. If something doesn’t look positive, look at that as a warning instead of impending doom. As a reference, this will be the layout of the cards.

















The SunSix of ImpsStrength

Self - The Sun


The Sun represents paradise alike to the Garden on Eden. You are exactly where you want to be right now and everything seems to be going according to plan or maybe even better. Perhaps you’ve been faring well in classes or you finally got that job you’ve always wanted. Keep up the great work and enjoy the moment you are in right now.


Situation - Six of Imps


Six of Imps(or really six of wands) symbolizes that the situation requries someone to inspire long term change. You may or may not be the literal leader of a movment but you have an important role in this change. The change might be from something at the personal level to something as big as the entire school. During this change, you might find many possibilities that may satisfy a personal concern or ambition. Allow the events to unfold naturally and trust that things will work in your favor.


Challenge - Strength


The Strength card presents a lasting challenge that I’m sure some Gryffindors might be familiar with. Like a lion tamer in front of the great beast, calm your heated instincts or angers without completely suppressing the inner you. You need to balance your urge for immediate action with the urge to be yourself. When something happens that you find unjust, try to calm yourself and think things through before you take action. If you do, you might even be offered a leadership of sorts.


Ten of PumpkinsThree of GhostsThree of Pumpkins

Self - Ten of Pumpkins


The Ten of Pumpkins(or really the Ten of Coins) represents that you have been recently blessed with some sort of prestige, influence, or wealth. This may mean that you have recently inherited some family wealth, maybe been given a position of power, or even gained expertise in a certain area of magic. With all this power, you now have to shoulder new responsibilities. Be mature and use this newfound power in a responsible manner.


Situation - Three of Ghosts


Three of Ghosts(or Three of Cups) shows that the people around you are living in cooperation and harmony. In short, this is a really great position for you to join in on the action and fulfill of any of your own personal needs while helping others out indirectly. Within this atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement, you might also meet new friends and form strong bonds of mutual respect.


Opportunity - Three of Pumpkins


Three of Pumpkins(Three of Coins) presents an opportunity to showcase your unique and special talents. This is probably because of that environment of cooperation and encouragement from the previous card giving you the perfect moment to reveal how great you really are. However, you must at the same time respect the achievements of others or this opportunity will disappear along with some of your reputation. Remember to keep a mutual respect for others as you go around and show off your stuff. This is the time for you to shine!


Wheel of FortuneThe MagicianFive of Ghosts

Self - Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of Fortune represents change and in the self position, indicates that your mind or heart is not keeping still. Every time you feel like you have finally resolved a situation, something new just keep popping up again. Maybe you have been really behind on homework and new assignments just seem to keep piling up even when you finish them. Maybe your love life seems to be in turmoil right now and you can’t keep your mind off it. Accept that like a wheel, these conflicts will not be stopping any time. Keep your calm and go with the flow of the wheel.


Situation - The Magician


The Magician. Interesting. Usually, I would describe this card as being like the Hogwarts house of Ravenclaw, creative, imaginative, and knowledgeable, but now it looks like the situation you are in right now calls for these characteristics. Even if you are not a Ravenclaw, use any of your imagination and creativity to get past the situation you are in. You might also find that working alongside someone who you believe is smarter than you, maybe a smart friend or a professor, can also help you and increase your own knowledge in the process. Do not think of this as a horrible situation but rather something interesting with the creativity involved in it.


Challenge - Five of Ghosts


Like ghosts, the Five of Ghosts(or really Five of Cups) represents that you have been through a loss of some sort and presents to you with a challenge. Even if it feels like everything has not been going your way with the wheel continuously creating new conflicts, the Five of Ghosts challenges you to maximize what is left over from the loss. Three of the five cups have its contents spilled by either carelessness or destiny but two of them are left for you to use wisely. Do not become depressed after what you lost. Instead, hone that hardworking determination on what remains.


Ace of PumpkinsJusticeAce of Imps

Self - Ace of Pumpkins


The Ace of Pumpkins(or really Ace of Coins) represents that you are about to become more aware of what you have contributed and what path you wish to take in this life. You may not actually know what you want to do right now; this only the beginning after all. Stay vigilant on any opportunity that may come your way and you might find yourself accumulating more worth and abundance than you can ever dream of.


Situation - Justice


The Justice card is almost exactly like you may think it is. You will be facing some sort of judgment in the near future. There will be no time to change anything about yourself when you are in front of the judge, whether it be a professor, a guardian, or maybe a close friend. During this judgment, your whole character will be evaluated and some of your standards or morals will be criticized. Even if it is hard, listen to the judgment and try to understand the other perspective.


Challenge - Ace of Imps


The Ace of Imps(Ace of Wands) emphasizes that you are about to decide something very important in your life. Make your decisions wisely because you will have to live with the consequences for a long time to come. Maybe this is because you want to drop out of a class that’s been too stressful for you or whether to take on a new set of responsibilities from a job or even pet. Remember that you have to take responsibility for any consequences that may occur from this decision and have courage in your conviction. This is the moment to adjust your thinking if you have too because once things start going, it may be too late.




Thank you for reading this edition of Your Tarot Reading. Hope everyone had a great start and continue on the hard(or lax) work. Enjoy the holiday!





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