The Life Of a Student

- From : Mykal Stonewell

Hello WoP and welcome to another edition of The Life of a Student!!! Today we will be interviewing a Ravenclaw Prefect by the name of Talen Benson (who also happens to be my brother).

Talen Benson, the newest Ravenclaw male prefect, is a 1st year.  He also has been recently adopted by Jovan Smith, which makes him this Boysen’s brother.  His favorite class? Charms.  He says, “The spells are fun and easy and most of them are pretty useful.” I know that his knowledge of Charms has caved me many times. 

When he isn’t in the classroom or doing his prefecting thing, you can find Talen hanging out with his friends.  Usually you can find him hanging around with Trinity Nott, or, his boyfriend, Joshua Wooton  If he’s not with his friends, you can find him reading a book.  He is very charismatic and loves being around people.

Mr. Benson is usually found wearing Sky Blue, his favorite color.  If you ever see him in the Great Hall, or anywhere for that matter, he may be eating chocolate or a hot sandwich.  

One of the more interesting things about Talen is the gigantic family he has been adopted into.  Jovan Smith, the HoH for Hufflepuff, is his father.  He has two sisters, Trinity Nott and Alexandria Chavez, and a brother, Nixon Cullen.  Jovan’s cousin, Em Waterstone, has asked each of Jovan’s kids to think of her as an aunt, so they have many cousins.  They may look scary and large in number, but the family is mostly harmless and silly.

Thank you Mr. Benson for allowing this Boysenberry to write about you!

~Trinity Nott

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Beryl Warren

Beryl Warren what

Melody Santos

Melody Santos Fantastic article!

Lexa Rosewood

Lexa Rosewood Great article

Ellie Bauer

Ellie Bauer Cool interview!

Aneesa Bellview

Aneesa Bellview Yay Talen! Great job! :)

Axel Wilder

Axel Wilder Nice job, well done!

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