Love Polls.
There is a bundle of joy on the way! Weddings galore!

- From : Anya Venenum

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  As you all know Aske and Iris are about to have a baby! 

One again we have a Poll for you its going to be open for 3 days so Vote for what you think the happy Puffs are going to have! 




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Love is in the air after all we have 6 couples about to be married

But we have to ask you who do you think will get married 1st ? There are a lot of big names about to become Man and Wife one person being the MoM herself! 



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Beryl Warren

Beryl Warren excuse me but i have love and i am in ravenclaw

Aurora Darling

Aurora Darling Ha! There isn't any love for me! For Good, Sweet Me lol. Jk there might be someone crushing on me right now and I wouldn't even know it. 0.0

Carina Johnson

Carina Johnson I know I can't vote anymore but *whispers* Triplets

Ivy Gray

Ivy Gray In the poll you spelt Adilyn wrong, thought you might want to know :P

Zachary Adler

Zachary Adler I can tell you now Melary have no plans to get married for ages yet!

Scarlet Blue

Scarlet Blue omg i can't believe you made triplets and option lolol (voting for singular child)

Lainey Fitzroy

Lainey Fitzroy It seems from the poll that they're most likely to have twins.

Marilla Valerian

Marilla Valerian This is so fun! Looove is in the air!

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