Ministry Memos!
Have you ever wondered what was in the memos that fly around the Ministry? Well, we got the sneak peek right here!

- From : Melody Santos



Hello and welcome to MINISTRY MEMOS! You all know about those pink pieces of parchment that fly through the Minsitry of Magic. They are always CONFIDENTIAL! We never get to see what's inside! Today, that is changing! In this Blog, you will get SPECIAL SNEAK PEEKS of what lies inside those flying pieces of parchment. 


For this blog post you are going to read each "text" as its own Memo! Imagine that each text comes in as a separate piece of parchment. 

This weeks memo features our amazing Minister of Magic, Anya Venenum and the incredible Daily Prophet Chief Editor, Pirro Desmon. As we all know, Pirro loves his whiskey. As a student, Pirro hid stashes of whiskey around the school. One stash was hidden in Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom. Copy and paste the link down below to read more!



If you want to see a Memo between a Grad Member that works at the Ministry and someone else Send an Owl to Melody Santos! With the Owl Topic "Memos" and tell her who you want to see.


People that can Start a Memo 

Anya: Minister
Wyll: Department of Mysteries
Melody: Healer on call 
Stephen: Leader of Magical Defense 

Iris: Headmistress of Hogwarts 
Casimir: Archives 



People who can get a Memo 

Teacher and higher

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SunHi Rutherford

SunHi Rutherford Hey other students! Look for the secret stash! XD jking don't do that << >>

Pirro Desmon

Pirro Desmon Wait, did Melody get the stuff? Now that this info is out there, ya'll better stay AWAY from that bathroom. (You should be staying away from it anyway).

Anya Venenum

Anya Venenum I love the Memos <3

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