Fantastic Theories and Where to Find Them!

- From : Mykal Stonewell

Hello, Staff and Students! 
It’s me Caius here with a brand new weekly blog for you all, as you may know, theories are a big thing going around online, so I thought I would bring you some Harry Potter related theories. For this week I will take one Harry Potter and theory and one Fantastic Beasts Theory. Whether or not the theories I’m about to share with you are true or not, I would like if we all could discuss our thoughts on them if they seem believable or not.

The first theory is that it is to be believed Harry Potter hallucinated everything while he had been living in the Dursley’s cupboard.  They say he dreamt the entire thing up as he had been starving and depressed being in the cupboard, which would mean that truth be told Harry is not a wizard. Now as you all know Harry’s parents were killed by Lord Voldemort and he had been sent to live with his aunt and uncle, as they forced him to live in the cupboard and didn’t let him eat as much as their son. Eventually, Harry began to get letters that embarked him on a new journey at Hogwarts as he discovered his new powers as a wizard. Now if someone came to me and said they were a wizard I would think they were joking, I could agree with this theory as to how some believe the entire thing was made up in his mind. Just the way the letter finds him is a bit strange don’t you think?
The last theory would be that Newt Scamander had given Hagrid Aragog. They were both obsessed with magical creatures, and both had been expelled because of beasts. Newt’s book had come out in 1927 and Hagrid had been born in 1928. Therefore, he would have read his book as it was a requirement for Hogwarts, which might have struck Hagrid’s interest for magical creatures. Hagrid had become the Care of Magical Creatures professor when Newt visited Hogwarts, and Hagrid brought creatures such as nifflers, unicorns, hippogriffs, now he had to have gotten them somewhere right? Back to Aragog when Hagrid said he had come to Hagrid in the pocket of a traveler (now if you had seen Fantastic Beasts, you would know Newt was a traveler). Now, of course, Aragog was born in 1942 so with the final Fantastic Beasts film would only truly tell if Aragog came from Newt. As for my thoughts, I’m not too sure exactly what to believe after all it was basically Voldemort that had given Hagrid a Dragon egg, so there could be other possible ways for Hagrid to have gotten Aragog.
Thank you for taking the time to read these interesting theories, remember to leave a comment on some of your thoughts as well.


~ Caius Thorley

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Nova Vernera

Nova Vernera Interesting

Melody Santos

Melody Santos These things really make you think!

Rose Knight

Rose Knight Great article :)

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