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"Rough game Quidditch, Brutal! But no one's died in years. Someone will vanish occasionally but they'll turn up in a month or two! "

- From : Mykal Stonewell

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                     With ~Alexandria Chavez

Last Saturday was the last game for quidditch and it was lions going against the snakes, everyone was pumped and I was at the edge of my seat the entire time.

All the players made their way to the field then in no time into the air and the match started, balls were thrown and tossed already and Calla managed to get her bludger and made the first goal for Slytherin, the crowd went wild as the quaffle went through the hoop and back into the field and Lucifer moved swiftly catching it making another score for the Slytherin team.


While everyone’s eyes were set (including the ref) on Lucifer making his goal no one noticed Yuna tackling Cassiopeia for the quaffle and with no hesitation made her goal. The crowd lost themselves how the Lion made her goal and Yuna of course through cookies into the crowd trying to make it better but this didn’t excuse the fact that the score was already 30-0 Gryffindor.


This didn’t make the snakes lose their cool as they keep going with the flow of energy in this game, Chloe managed to get the quaffle and tried to score but Peter had his eye on her and as she attempted to make the goal Peter blocked it and moved quick to recover the quaffle and making a score! In no time as the quaffle gets tossed into the field Ragnar snatches it and scores also making the score 30-20 right before everyone's eyes! As Peter was on the top of his game getting the quaffle AGAIN he tried to make the goal but got blocked by his team member Alexander who was trying to make his own goal but neither were able to, but that wasn’t a big matter because Kayte got the quaffle and made her goal with such perfection it was unbelievable! Cassiopeia swooped around seeing the quaffle being thrown back in and catches making a goal for her team making the score 40-30 Slytherin now, they may had a slow start but it just got better and better.


Before our eyes the first half was already over with 50-30 thanks to Viollette who swooped in scoring as the crowd had their eyes on Atlas and Kyle being chased by a bludger. It was now time for the face off starting with keepers Alexander and Peter. Peter was already on the ball and managed to score before his opposing teammate making the mark to 60-30. Right after Calla and Atlas were up and Calla flew into action scoring for her team ! Ethan and Kyle were ready as they knew it was their turn next and Ethan with no hesitation scored his goal leaving Kyle in the dust for the chance.


After all the beaters had their chance it was on to the chasers they were pumped and came out, first it was Lucifer and Cass, Cass went above and beyond making her way and scoring her goal for her team putting them ahead at 70-50 Slytherin and the crowd went wild! The next pair was up but no one seen Viollette so Yuna took her chance with all her might throwing the quaffle with great speed and scores, this was good and the tension of the lions catching up was driving everyone at the edge of their seats. The last of the chasers were up Pheonix and Ragnar and Ragnar made his goal already before Pheonix even had a chance! This makes it 80-60 Slytherin.

Now it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the seekers to head off Chloe and Kayte they both swooped into action but Kayte had the upperhand in this one and caught the snitch! 180-60 Slytherin!

Congrats to Slytherin for their win you guys did a great job, but with all honesty and to be fair congrats to each and every member of the Quidditch Teams you all done your best this whole school year and I know next year it’s going to get better and more intense! Thank you all this was a great game to watch!


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Neha Daugherty

Neha Daugherty Go, go, Gryffindor!!

Lyn Le

Lyn Le :)

taylor potter

taylor potter yay snakes I'm a griffindoor but slytherins are so much better

Ray Warren

Ray Warren Next year, Snakes, you guys are going down!

Bell Ellis

Bell Ellis congratulations slytherin team!!!

Grayson Walker

Grayson Walker Go snakes!

Nelpherius Malfoy

Nelpherius Malfoy Yay! Go team!!

Audra Schuyler

Audra Schuyler Congratulations Slytherin!

Aneesa Bellview

Aneesa Bellview Yay Slytherin!!

Pirro Desmon

Pirro Desmon You can't see me, but I'm waving a Slytherin flag right now.

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